3 tests of love every couple must pass through

Couples intending to get married should put themselves through these tests

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There are many trials couples go through which will either break or make their marriage. This includes living apart due to job commitments, physical and emotional affairs, coping with in-laws, unemployment or termination of job.

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According to Markman of BlogHer, couples intending to get married should put themselves through these tests before actually doing so:


1. The money test: Being on the same page with your partner concerning finance is very important. Trust and loyalty are built on this. If you can’t trust your partner to keep their own end of the bargain in terms of finance, then who would you trust?

2. The shopping test: Try going to local markets where there’s no air conditioning, the place unbearably packed to the teeth with people pushing on all sides and you are yet to finish buying the items on your list. You are then forced  to spend hours together making decisions.

Couple talkingCouple talking

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3. The living together test: It doesn’t mean you should live together. Just try going on a trip together, where you have to pack and unpack things. This should test your patience with each other.


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