3 Reasons Not To Go Through Your Partner’s Phone

Although a large majority agree that it is not a wise decision to go through a partner’s phone, the idea of doing so can be hard to ignore.

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Sometimes, the urge to go through a partner’s phone arises from previous infidelity episodes or the need to understand where one is in a relationship.

Just in case you are battling with an urge to go through your partner’s phone, here are three reasons not to:

Breach of trust

Let’s face it. Irrespective of the reason pushing you to go through your significant order’s phone, doing so breaks the trust you have both built.

If you feel your partner is hiding something from you, confront them with any questions you have.

Misinterpretation might cause huge damages

It is impossible to completely grasp the context of social media communication thus misinterpretation is easy especially when the opposite sex is involved.

You might be caught up with anxiety trying to figure out whether your partner’s tone is flirtatious or just platonic.

It turns you into the person you aren’t.

You are bigger than the sneaky, doubtful and stalking person that snooping through your partner’s phone will turn you into. And nothing is worth changing the person you are.

The last thing you want is to become obsessed with your partner and what they are up to. Besides being an unhealthy behaviour, snooping around never solves any problem.

In case you are not convinced, here’s a reason that may justify going through your partner’s phone

Some couples decide to be liberal in their rapport, including having access to each other’s phones. If you and your partner have this kind of relationship, then it is okay to keep being liberal enough to have access to each others phones.

Be mindful, however, to discuss if there are boundaries pertaining to private messages or certain applications.

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