3 Most Effective Ways of Preventing Pile/Haemorrhoids

I must first correct a misconception about Pile in Nigeria. Most people who have low back pain often attribute it to Pile and this could not be farther from the truth. Low back pain is not caused by Pile. Most Nigerians take different herbal concoctions as treatment for Pile because they have low back pain. It is important to note that low back pain and haemorrhoids do not have similar causes, neither do they have the same line of treatment.

The major symptoms of Pile include bleeding during defecation, itching and pains around the anal region. In case you have all this, then you are not alone because 50% of people will have had Pile by 50 yrs and 2/3 of people over 45yrs have it at the moment. From this statistics, it is obvious that even if you don’t have it, then someone close to you does. This therefore underscores the importance of knowing how to deal with it.

At this point, it is important to note that not all bleeding during defecation is attributable to haemorrhoids as it could be a sign of something more sinister going on. It is therefore important to see a doctor so that it can be accurately diagnosed.

Below are the major ways through which you can prevent the symptoms of Pile/Haemorrhoids.

1. Avoid Constipation


When you are constipated, it usually aggravates the symptoms of Pile. There are different ways through which you can avoid constipation some of which include increasing your fibre intake. You can get fibre from some Nigerian foods such as beans, wheat and vegetables.

Other ways of avoiding constipation is by taking lots of water and make sure you are never dehydrated.

2. Use the toilet the right way

There are some “not so good” toilet habits that may worsen your Pile symptoms and you have to avoid them. One of them includes delaying defecation for longer than necessary. It is helpful that you use the toilet as soon as you feel the urge.

Another poor habit is sitting in the toilet for too long. Some people use the opportunity of being in the toilet to do many things – such as reading newspapers, chatting, brainstorming, etc. This can worsen the symptoms of Pile. Another important thing is to avoid straining while passing stool.

3. Modify your Lifestyle

Sitting or standing for too long can aggravate the symptoms of Pile. If your job requires that you sit or stand for too long, it is important that you take a walk intermittently to ease the pressure. You should also avoid lifting heavy weights and exercise regularly.

Doing all these can alleviate the symptoms of haemorrhoids and make you more comfortable. If you are however experiencing severe symptoms, you should see your doctor and discuss other lines of management.


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