3 Major Reasons It Could Be Hard To Love Yourself

Sometimes it could be so hard to love yourself due to several reasons that may have been cause by life’s experiences.

This is one really sad woman (Illustration)

The process of growing up could make us love ourselves lesser, stuck between wanting to achieve success, meet someone we love and loves us in return, finding the job that suits us best.

We make the great mistakes when we don’t love ourselves, it’s like fighting yourself, you’ll never win in the end. The only result is self-destruction.

This is one really sad man

Inspired by YourTango, here are 3 major reasons it could be hard to love yourself


1. Social and offline media

As much as the media as a whole has contributed positively to humans, it has also passed some negative messages on how people should live and relate with each other. They give false ideas that material thing instead practicing self-love would make you happier in life.

A sad woman

2. Talking negatively about yourself

Negative self-talk just keeps you from reaching your goals. First you procrastinate then you put off reaching for what you want. And you never take responsibility for your actions.

3. Parents

As much as parents want the best for their kids, sometimes pushing them too much and deciding everything in their lives could make them think less of themselves. Children really do not need to follow their parents’ dreams unless it’s theirs.



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