3 Major Lessons To Be Learned From Liberia’s Presidential Elections

George Weah has been declared the winner of the presidential election in Liberia. This country of West Africa, through the two candidates of the second round of the presidential election, here gives great lessons of life to all Africans. This maturity and greatness of spirit that are to be welcomed, inspired this article. So here are three lessons of life taught by the Liberian presidential election that saw the victory of George Weah.

Lesson 1: A conflict can always be avoided

An African proverb says that two people are fighting. In the Liberian case, the two candidates kept their calm. Vice President Boakai chose to acknowledge his defeat and retire. A gesture to salute, and to encourage.



Lesson 2: The best interests of the nation must take precedence over any personal ambition

There are leaders in many African countries who have lost the election but are ready to fight for power. And they do this without worrying about the blood that can be shed, provided they achieve their goals.

The unfortunate candidate in Liberia showed greatness in accepting his defeat. Indeed, he said, “I reject any temptation to impose pain, suffering, agony and uncertainty on our people. My name will not be used as an excuse for a drop of human blood to be poured into this country »

Lesson 3: An authority remains an authority, and an honor is due to it

After his victory, George Weah moved and went to see his opponent. He showed him consideration. Moreover, he stated that he would be treated according to his rank. Often in our societies, when a president leaves, the incoming president tends to denigrate him and lead a witch hunt. It’s a mistake not to commit, and George Weah understood it well. Would his visit to TB Joshua be the cause? Be that as it may, we really salute Liberia and its people, who give a great lesson to all these African nations, especially the French-speaking nations.


Written by How Africa

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