3 Effective Beverages That Help You To Put An End To Joint Pain And Arthritis In A Natural Way

If you suffer from arthritis it is very likely that something is not right with the joints and depending on the type of arthritis one suffers from, it can be precisely determined what the actual problem is. Moreover, the problem may be that either the cartilage is damaged and there is not enough synovial fluid or there is some kind of autoimmune infection. Also, the problem may be several factors combined.
No matter what the reason for the arthritis is, it causes serious pain and we will present a natural way to put an end to arthritis related pain.

Arthritis treatment with the help of juices
According to many, juices are a permanent therapy for removal of pain in the joints. They are very helpful and do not have any negative outcomes or side effects. Furthermore, the benefit from this kind of treatment is not only pain removal, but also rejuvenation and energy for the entire body. Also, the dosage is not important since overdosing is entirely safe. Natural juices can be used as deterrents, but also they can be a helpful medicine for patients that suffer from arthritis.
These are the most helpful juices in this case:
1. Pineapple juice is very helpful with joint pain because it contains natural enzymes- the so called bromelain which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Further, it can heal sports injuries, postoperative swelling and joint pain. Moreover, it is a fuel for the entire body and it has nearly all the needed minerals and vitamins. The recommended dosage is 300-350 millilitres of pineapple juice per day.

2. Cherry juice
Cherries contain a chemical called anthocyanin that is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and it relieves arthritis pain. This juice is full of beta carotene and copper that are very helpful in the process of healing rheumatoid arthritis.
3. Raw potato juice
This juice has been used for centuries and it is considered to be one of the most effective natural cures for problems with arthritis. The potatoes are cut into thin slices together with the bark and are put in a glass of water and left like that through the night. In the morning, the water is drunk on an empty stomach.

These juices from raw fruits can be made with a juicer or a blender since the juices from pineapple or cherries that are sold in the markets cannot be used as a natural medicine.

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