3 Black Alabama Teens Create A Pact To Succeed, See How It Paid Off!

A trio of Fairfield, Alabama high school graduates made a pact to help one another graduate high school.

In an Aug. 17 news report, the three revealed how they kept true to their commitment to academic success.

According to WBRC FOX 6 News, Restoration Academy graduates Trent McMullen, Brendan Jones and Brian Rodgers talked about passing the Advanced Placement Calculus exam with flying colors and how their pact started.

“Our math teacher recommended a book for us to read called “The Pact.” It was about three friends who later became doctors. They made a pact to hold each other accountable and to help each other through life,” McMullen explains.

Black doctors Sampson Davis, Rameck Hunt and George Jenkins wrote about their commitment to success and friendship in “The Pact.” Now, their words have inspired three more young men to be successful.


The trio’s commitment to each others’ welfare paid off during their senior year.

“It was like halfway through, and my grades really weren’t that good,” Rodgers recalled. “[AP math teacher Connie Edwards] gave me the option to drop AP and just do regular calculus. I talked to my friends and they kept encouraging me and I just stuck with it and my second semester I improved.”

Jones adds that hard work was essential to their academic success.

“It all boils down to hard work. We were taking AP tests every day for the last three months. I refuse to be a statistic. The ones that don’t graduate. The pact doesn’t end. We’re going to be friends for life.”

Even though it was difficult, the trio got perfect scores on the AP Calculus exam.

In fact, only 1.8 percent of all Alabamians scored a 5 on the exam, per WBRC.

McMullen, Jones and Rodgers will continue their pact while they attend the University of Alabama in the fall.


Written by How Africa

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