27-Year-Old Black Model Tackles Diversity In New Campaign

27-year-old Black model, Deddeh Howard is embarking on a ‘Black Mirror’ photo campaign which seeks to celebrate Black beauty in the fashion and modeling industry.

A Los Angeles Black model is tackling the lack of diversity in the fashion industry in a very creative way. In efforts to bring awareness towards the absence of Black models in major ad campaigns, Deddeh Howard has stepped in front of the camera to recreate them, according to News One.

Howard conceptualized a photo series titled ‘Black Mirror’ which features images of her recreating some of the most iconic high fashion ads from brands that include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. The 27-year-old Liberian-born model and fashion blogger says she wanted the project to serve as “a call for more diversity.”

Howard says her and her boyfriend photographer Raffael Dickreuter, who took the photos, paid very close attention to detail in efforts to precisely match the real campaign images. She recreated ads that originally included models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Howard is humbled by all of the attention that she has received for her project. “I’m very grateful people feel the same that I do, people are telling me that I’m an inspiration to them and it feels unreal,” she says. “We should keep fighting for what we believe in.”

The Black model collaborated with her photographer boyfriend Raffael Dickreuter to re-create some of the world’s biggest modelling campaigns – including ones by Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret – as “a call for more diversity” in the industry, in a series called ‘Black Mirror,’ reported by Buzzfeed. She told BuzzFeed News: “I thought it was perfect because we are mirroring two images. When you [black women] look in the mirror you question: ‘This could be me, why is this not me?”

With ‘Black Mirror’ she wanted to send a message that models of colour, especially Black models, are just as gorgeous as anyone else, and should be at the forefront of campaigns.

The L.A. Black model said she finds it “unbelievable” and “bizarre” that there are hardly any models of colour featured in fashion magazines. “There are many beautiful black models and they are not represented the way they should be,” she said.

Dickreuter said they worked hard to make their photos match the real campaigns as accurately as possible.

For example, it took two months to find a similar motorcycle for the re-creation of the Guess advert featuring Gigi Hadid. He said he is “very proud” of Howard and “thrilled” they managed to pull the project off.

Despite ‘Black Mirror’ only having been live for a short period of time, Howard said she was thrilled at the response. “I’m very grateful people feel the same that I do, people are telling me that I’m an inspiration to them and it feels unreal. We should keep fighting for what we believe in.”

Deddeh Howard found her own unique way to celebrate Black beauty and highlight the fact that being attractive and adorable doesn’t depend on the color of the skin. We respect the efforts she put into the project and fully share the appreciation it received.



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