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Meet the ‘Rich Kids of Mexico City,’ who post photos of hot-tub parties and baby jaguars on Instagram

The Instagram account “Rich Kids of Mexico City” follows the exploits of Mexico City’s young and wealthy with posts of everything from hot-tub parties and yachts to wild animals wearing expensive watches.The account, which we first read about on theLatin Post, has 35,400 followers and has shared 412 posts. The group also has a Twitter account, though it hasn’t tweeted since December.

Photos are submitted by real rich people via Twitter using the hashtag #rkmoc, before select images are uploaded.

Take a look at some of the best photos from the account below.

Rich kids fly only on private jets.

They don’t have to leave the country to enjoy a beach holiday, with places like Caribe a mere private jet ride away.

Driving a yacht is a perfectly ordinary activity.

Yate 😎 de @lucandaudap #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #chic #luxury #lifestyle

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To spend even more money, they’ll hit the casinos in Las Vegas.

Cenando y disfrutando de la vista, de anonima #richkidsofmexicocity #rkomc #chic #lifestyle #luxury

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 Rich kids travel to culture capitals like Rome.

When you’re rich, you’re not relaxing unless you’re drinking Champagne in a hot tub.

Vacations de @marco_valvac #RichKidsOfMexicoCity #RKOMC

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This is what hanging out with your friends looks like.

When they get their nails done, they look like this.

Retail therapy isn’t a trip to H&M.

Comprando de anónimo 💸 #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #luxury #chic #lifestyle

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They spend so much time at Chanel, they practically live there.

Coco made me do it @paulettglz #richkidsofmexicocity #rkomc #luxury #lifestyle #chanel

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They own a lot of Louis Vuitton.

When you’re rich, you don’t need a mirror anymore.

Outift de @carloscervant #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #luxury #lifestyle #chic

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That is, unless you’re taking a selfie.

They have more jewellery than they could wear in a lifetime.

Pulseras 😏 de @el_004 #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #lifestyle #luxury #chic

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Like rich kids everywhere, they enjoy the occasional Starbucks.

Rich people are all over their phones …

Increíble foto de @pariaarabzade 😏 #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity #chic #lifestyle #luxury

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… and their pet wild animals.

Apparently, rich kids let baby jaguars play with their (hopefully not loaded) guns.

But their drink of choice is usually Champagne with a side of strawberries.

They’re so rich even their pets can afford to wear jewellery.

When you’re this rich, you don’t even worry about safety when driving with a snake in tow.

Con la mascota😏 de @eriikshim #rkomc #richkidsofmexicocity

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Ferraris are your basic mode of everyday transportation.

De #RADO 🏎 #RichKidsOfMexicoCity #RKOMC

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The biggest decision they have to make is usually which car to drive that day.

Algunos de los carrasos de @cblora ! #luxury #lifestyle #richkidsofmexicocity #rkomc

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