Nigeria: Unilag’s 5.00 CGPA Holder Speaks On Life After School!

Ayodele Daniel Dada shattered the 54 year old record of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) as he graduated with a CGPA of 5.0.
Ayodele finished from the department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences. He says, “Growing up I always had to expose myself to a higher intellectual environment by reading in order to at least to be more enlightened and exposed as inspired by my dad who places a high premium on education. My parents were always there monitoring the progress. In my choice of course, I was the one motivating myself. My parents supported me morally and I was not keen on getting financial support from them. This is because I had always wanted to be independent.” My study plan was considerably flexible but there were things I didn’t joke with. The first thing I didn’t joke with was revising after class. My social life was not totally the nerdy life style. I tried to socialize, by going to the cinemas and birthday parties.  My major challenge was time – time to do some of the things I needed to do because I was involved in other things asides from academics like selling stuffs to earn extra money.
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