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How To Charge A Phone From The Trail Tracks (video)

Sometimes you need a charge and there are just no outlets in sight. But if there are train tracks, you might be in luck, because you can just charge off them. Not that you should.

This unintuitive little trick is shown off by YouTuber kreosan, who illustrates how voltage runs between the parallel rails of any active set of train tracks. It’s inconsistent voltage and not at all fit for charging your phone without a little modification. But with a handful of electrical components rigged up to function as a rectifier, you can eke out power fit to charge with.


It’s cool for sure, but there are about a million different reasons not to do it. For one, hanging out on active train tracks is never a great idea. On top of that, running an unorthodox source of electricity into your gadgets is a great way to fry them, or at least run the risk of it.

Last but not least, the reason tracks run a voltage like this is so that the companies that use them can monitor their routes for obstructions, objects that are lying across both tracks and creating a short like this. So not only are you sending false alarms back to someone in an office somewhere, you are also telling them exactly where you are goofing around.

But hey, when you’ve gotta tweet, you’ve gotta tweet.

From: Popular Mechanics

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