10 Amazing WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know

Among all apps that on our smartphones, WhatsApp is definitely the most frequently used. So knowing more about it is definitely essential. Check out these 10 amazing tricks that’ll make your chatting experience more fun and help you be more productive.

Marking Appointments

We all tend to forget appointments. We end up scheduling abrupt meetings and end up forgetting about it too. However this handy little hack makes sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Just type in a date on your chat and you get a link to add it to your calendar. It also identifies common phrases such as ‘today’, ‘tomorrow’ etc. however using specific dates works the best. This feature however is exclusive to iOS users as of now.

Check When a Message was Read

WhatsApp allows you know when a message you’ve sent was read. Just press and hold on a message and tap “Info“. On Android, on the top, the little ‘i’ in the circle is the thing you’re looking for. Click on that and you’ll find a list with the timings. However, if you’ve hidden your read status, you won’t be able to see other’s read status too.

Reply Reminders

There are times when users text and promise to reply, but end up not replying at all? Not anymore, there is a small solution to this. Just ‘Mark Unread’ the person you want to get back to.

On Android, long pressing on a specific chat will give you that option. On iOS however, swipe to the right and you get an option to ‘Mark as Unread’ and it shows a green dot besides the user’s name, notifying you to get back later.

Add conversation shortcut

When you converse regularly with your loved, and recent text messages of other users accumulate over it, again going to the same chat can be time consuming. There is a solution to that too.

Simply tap and hold on the chat, and in the pop up select ‘Add conversation shortcut’. This will add the user’s name on your home screen, and when you tap on it, it’ll take you directly to the chat screen. Sadly this feature remains exclusive only to Android users.

Switching numbers the while travelling

When you’re travelling abroad, you’d still want to stay connected without going through the tedious process of registering again with the new number and notifying everyone about it. Well there is a small trick for that too. When you’ve entered the new SIM, it might notify you that the number is changed and will ask you to register the new number. Simply ignore the notification by tapping cancel, and you’re good to go.

Starred Messages

When your important message is loaded with a ton of unnecessary messages from the group members, finding the necessary information is a painful task. Not anymore.


On Android, just tap and hold on the message and then tap on the star icon to mark it. On iOS double tap on any message and tap on the star icon to mark it. This is very similar to starred emails on a Gmail account.

To see the starred text, on Android, simply tab the menu dropdown from top right of the screen and enter starred message section.

On iOS just tap on the arrow on the conversation, and you’ll be brought at the exact place of the text in the chat.

WhatsApp Web

There are difficult times when you’re juggling between WhatsApp text messages on your phone and Emails on your laptop. Juggle no more. Just go to It’ll ask you to scan a QR code. Simply tap the dropdown menu of WhatsApp and select WhatsApp Web. Then tap the ‘+’ button to add a new connection. Scan the QR code through it and voila! Your chats on your web browser. Stick to Google Chrome for best results.

Saving Data on WhatsApp calls

We all love WhatsApp calls, however, we surely do hate the amount of mobile data it can eat up when not on Wifi. Well you can save your data by heading into WhatsApp settings, then chat and calls and switch on low data usage. This will impact call quality, but will save you some data in the long run.

Hiding Notification Previews

Whenever a new notification pops on your screen, it also shows the text message as a part of convenience. However the message could also cause a lot of inconvenience if read by the wrong person. Well there is a solution to that.

On iOS, go to settings, then notifications, and disable Show preview, This will notify you the person’s name on the lock screen but not the entire message.

On Android, go to sound and notifications, and enter app notifications. Here select WhatsApp and disable peeking feature.

Archive chats

There are times when you want a specific chat to disappear, but you don’t want to delete the chat? You can simply put it into archives. On Android, press hold on a chat and you’ll get the option to “Archive chat”. On iOS, swipe left on a chat to get the “Archive” option.

In order to access the archived chat, scroll all the way to the bottom of the chat screen and tap on Archived chats. You can also access the chat when you communicate with the same person again.

That’s it! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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