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250,000 animals to be massacred for nothing as Hindus celebrates!

Massacre in Nepal

As we speak, more than 250,000 animals (majority Buffalo) are undergoing mass slaughter as ‘Nepal Hindus’ celebrate it’s religious festival that happens once every five years. This rituals will last for two days and Buffalo plus other unfortunate animals will bear the brunt. These scarifies is said to be for the purpose of appeasing the Hindu goddess, Gadhimai.

According to Daily Mail – “Millions of Hindus flock to the ceremony, which is held every five years at the temple of Gadhimai, the goddess of power, in Bariyarpur, Nepal, near the Indian border.”

The animal scarifice is aimed to appease the goddess who in turn will bless them with wealth, power, and prosperity. But when you look at the pictures, you see people who look anything but wealthy, powerful, and prosperous?


Animal right activists worldwide have been calling for this barbarism — where animals are slaughtered en mass, not for the purpose of foods but to appease gods and goddesses — to stop.

The last time this festival took place in 2009, more than 260,000 animals were massacred, including birds and rats.

One commenter has this to say probably in support of the practice — “By the numbers, it’s a tiny fraction of the 9bn farm animals Americans slaughter every year for food. Come on people, try to stop these things, never ever talk bad about people or their religion, ok! Grow up man, at least, they are not killing people like rest of the world do. Where is PETA? Where is government? Where is Human Rights while others are killing humans? Lets change ourselves first and then talk about others. I’m not supporting this but, at the same time, we should stop talking bad about people or their religion.”

However, the truth is that doing it in public, killing multitude of animals for nothing in such a massive scale within one or two days is certainly not acceptable. Such practice must stop!


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