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250 Cameroonian Migrants Deported From Libya: “It was total hell”

Two hundred and fifty Cameroonian migrants victims of human trafficking in Libya returned to Cameroon in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday as part of a humanitarian project, noted an AFP journalist in Yaounde.

Women, including nine pregnant women, and men, most of them young, arrived at Yaounde airport aboard a special plane chartered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as part of a project. aimed at the return and reintegration of Cameroonian migrants from Libya.

Several of these Cameroonians told AFP that they lived in “prisons” in very bad conditions. Their dream was to arrive in Europe, according to them.

“It was total hell in Libya. I would not even advise my worst enemy to go there, “said AFP one of the migrants, Maxime Ndong, who said he had experienced” a nightmare “.


“They treat us like animals
“Libyans have no regard for blacks. They treat us like animals. They rape women. We were crammed into warehouses. We were beaten. We did not eat well. There was no water and we were barely washing, “he said.

“There is the black trade there. (There are) people who want slaves like that happened at the time of the slave trade. They come to buy some, “he said.

“If you resist, they shoot at you. There were deaths, “added the man still marked by trauma.

He has not heard from his pregnant wife for three months
Mr. Ndong said he spent eight months in Libya with his wife, he has more news “for three months.” “I do not know if she’s alive or dead,” he said, indicating that she was pregnant when they parted.

The return of these Cameroonians is part of a project to encourage the return of 850 Cameroonian migrants, according to Roger Charles Evina, project manager at IOM.

“IOM will bring business plans with them to enable them to reintegrate,” he said.


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