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25 OMG-Moment African Inventions Ever Made, Seriously This is Crazy

Complex problems sometimes require an invention that makes things easier and if required automated. These people in Africa have taken inventions to a whole new level. When i got to #5, I was already cracking up. These are some of the the pictures that made us laugh on Facebook and other social media sites in 2014. I cant wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. 

1. Hot and cold water tap mixer

hot water tap invented in africa

 2. Battery powered portable radio (walkman)

walkman powered by bttery secured on head africa

3. Braai(bbq) trolley

braai stand or bbq stand

Also check out these real bold inventions from South Africa

4. Motorcycle powered water pump

bicycle powered water pump

5. Bluetooth mobile

african guy holding mobile to his head secure with elastic band

6. Mobile Jacuzzi

mobile van jacuzzi


7. The puncture-free guarantee hose pipe tyre

african made tyre


8. The horse-drawn motor-home (Caravan)

horse drawn carriage invenetd in africa


9. Toilet roll anti-theft device

tissue lock africa hilarious

 On more serious note this is how Africa is rolling now, the game is on.

10. The bicycle steering wheel

africa bike streering wheel

11. Box mini-football(soccer)

mini football

12. Boat ferry

raft to carry lorry across river in africa


13. Pool table

pool table made of mud

14. Water recycler system

water recycler

15.Self-assemble pool table made from all natural materials.

pool table africa

16.Reed basket satellite dish

reed basket satelite dish

17. And this one too…

hands free using ears africa

18. Extended bike trailer

an extended bike trailor in africa funny

19. Mobile, battery-free, solar powered sound system modified for the beach

beat box on the beach africa with solar power


20. Home-grown Apple Mac

aple mac africa style


 21. Bicycle van



22. The Hand-held springler system

sprinker system africa diy


23. The full-body anti-crash rack

anti accident car


24. Village Ambulance

inventions-from-africa-ambulance funny


 25. The cone toilet

cone toilet africa


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