25 Most Exotic And Expensive Bottled Waters On Earth

While the average bottled water costs around a dollar, some cost significantly more. There’s a high demand among the wealthy for the expensive stuff extracted from exotic and pure locations.

Here are 25 Most Exotic And Expensive Bottled Waters On Earth.


Bling H2O

With a name like Bling H20, you better believe you’re in for a luxurious and high-class ride down a pure waterfall. While they don’t extract water from a glacier, they put the water through a heavy purification process, and even better, they give the bottle style with plenty of crystals.



Deliberately looking like a chess piece, Fillico adorns their bottles with diamonds to make them as fancy as possible. With a luxurious bottle on the outside, the water also hails from the widely praised Nunobiki spring in Japan. It sells at $219 per 750ml.


Kona Nigari




The bottle may not look like much, but that doesn’t stop Kona Nigari from selling it at a high price tag. Claiming to help you lose weight, improve your skin, and energize you, Kona Nigari water sounds like it came out of the fountain of youth. At a price of $402 per 750ml, it better be.


Exousia Gold


Exousia Gold has one of its own special qualities, it claims to have 24k gold inside the water. Apparently, the company says it’ll help with stress relief and aging. But, if you want to drink gold water, you’ll have to pay up. Each bottle costs $24,000.


Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani



With a nigh unpronounceable name like Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani and a water bottle that looks like it was crafted by Egyptians, it’s almost no surprise the price is astronomical. The bottles are 24k gold, and the water comes from France and Fiji. It’s the most expensive bottle of water in the world, costing $60,000!


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