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Touching! Her Son Died In 2013, 3 Years Later, A Little Girls Tells Her To Press Play On This Stuffed Bear

#1 A Tragic Beginning

Heather’s son Lucas was only seven months old when he tragically died while in the care of his babysitter. A heartbroken Heather decided to donate his organs to three other children in need…

#2 Meet Jordan

Four-year-old Jordan suffered from a congenital heart defect, and was in and out of hospitals since birth.

#3 3 Years Later

Three years after the donation, Heather was able to finally meet Jordan and her family…


#4 Listen To The Heart

Using a stethoscope, she was able to hear her sons donated heart for the first time.

#5 A Special Gift

Jordan and her family recorded her heartbeat and placed it into a Build-a-Bear, so Heather will always be able to hear her sons heart.

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