Revealed: The 5 Most Important Non-S#xual Skills Women Want Men To Have

No matter how many notches you have on your bedpost, the opposite sex can remain a mystery, even to the most astute man. There is a wealth of practical advice out there on how to treat a lady in the bedroom – but when it comes to everything else, men are often left in the dark.

You might have mastered two thirds of the karma sutra, but what skills can you master outside of the bedroom to impress a woman? If you’re looking for answers, this Reddit thread listing the “most important non-sexual skill a man should have,” according to women, might prove to be quite useful.

1. Communication

“The ability to communicate well” – Submissivekitten814

“Communication. A guy has to be able to talk about shit calmly, maturely, and honestly. Good communication makes or breaks a relationship, seriously.” – aviary83

2. Emotional support

“Be emotionally supportive. No I don’t need someone to bitch to or comfort me if I have a hard day, but during serious life challenges and family traumas I need my partner to be my rock. I’ve seen a silent strength that my father has while my [mum] is caring for her dying parents, and it’s something I’m learning to really appreciate.” – dontmakemepoop


3. Take notes

“Listening and remembering. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a guy remembered a minor detail about myself that I mentioned in casual conversation” – Aemilia 

“Noticing things about your lady, even tiny quirks. Nothing is more of a turn off when a guy can’t remember anything about you but will pretend to care just for some booty on tap.” –angrycinnamonbun

4. Keeping it clean

“Hygiene. He should have excellent personal hygiene.” – Sue_Ridge_Here

“The smell of good genes. Or perhaps a really good soap brand.” –MJWood


5 Having empathy

I’ve seen others say it, but I’ll reiterate; empathy. I’ve seen so many men who are totally self-involved and expect their mate to be equally invested in them and have almost zero understanding of other’s feelings, interests and comfort levels (especially in regards to them and their actions).”–MonkeyCatDog


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