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World’s Top 10 Most Famous And Successful Lawyers Ever (Africa’s Nelson Mandela Is 6th)

It is not a cup of tea to become a lawyer or doctor. The two professions certainly need a lot of hard work, attention and dedication during and after you complete your graduation. In-house job and regular practice is the key to success.

The history is full of the biographies of the lawyers who tried their level best to change the shape of their countries’ laws and ethical values. Some of them succeeded, while others couldn’t get much from this profession. Today, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 most famous and successful lawyers ever. So, let us take a look!

10. David Bernick

Famous and Successful Lawyers

David Bernick has worked for Kirkland & Ellis. He is famous as a leading Individual Trial Lawyer in Chambers Global, 2007. After completing his education, David started practice in America, and soon became one of the Best Lawyers in America for Business Litigation by Woodward & White. During 2009, David Bernick represented Dow Chemical in M&A disputes with Rohm & Haas, and also worked for Apple in litigation related to the iPod.

9. Evan Chesler

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Evan is an excellent and one of the most famous and successful lawyers ever. He worked for Cravathfor many years, and is awarded with Chambers USA 2009: America’s Leading Lawyers for Business, and various other appreciations. Evan has been a defending lawyer of IBM’s ALT key against patent-infringement claims. He also worked for Time Warner, Novartis, Alcoa, Xerox, and American Express in different cases.

8. Thurgood Marshall

Famous and Successful Lawyers

There was the time when Thurgood Marshall failed to get admission at the University of Maryland Law School. Still he managed to complete his studies, and after graduation, Thurgood started working as a Chief Counsel for NAACP. He also contributed in the constitutions for Ghana and Tanzania.

7. Phil Beck

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Phil Beck has worked for Bartlit Beck. He is an award-winning lawyer of his time. He is recognized by The National Law Journal in 2001. In 2003, Phil defended Bayer in a lawsuit about the drug Baycol. During November 2009, he managed to handle the defense of Ernst & Young for a claim of $300 million.

6. Nelson Mandela

Famous and Successful Lawyers


Nelson Mandela had been a fantastic lawyer of the history. He served as President of South Africa after a long-job as an attorney. Nelson completed his graduation from the University of Witwatersrand and worked in the campaign for human rights.

5. Alan Dershowitz

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Alan Dershoitz had been an active person of various law cases such as Patty Hearst, O.J Thompson or Mike Tyson. He is one of the most famous and distinguishing defenders of individual rights. Alan obtained his bachelor degree from YaleLawSchool. He was the youngest professor of law at Harvard, at that time he was only 28.

4. David Boies

Famous and Successful Lawyers

David Boies is awarded by the National Law Journal, and Time Magazine in 2000. He is also famous asThe Antitrust Lawyer by the New York Bar Association and Commercial Litigator. David contributed his services in Microsoft’s antitrust case. He was the representative of Al Gore in the litigation of 2000 election and won $4 billion for American Express due to an antitrust case.

3. Abraham Lincoln

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Abraham Lincoln has had been the part of controversial wars against slavery. He got much fame for his services in Illinois. The 16th President of the United States, Abraham, struggled for tackling different law cases such as trials for medical malpractice, corporate misconduct etc. He offered his services as a lawyer for over 20 years.

2. Clare Foltz

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Clare Foltz became an inspirational lawyer for women. She worked to become famous in West Coast. She tried a lot for suing the Hastings College of Law for discriminations. The California state law got changed for changing the individuals’ work against ethnic and racial issues. This led men and women of different backgrounds to get acceptance by the bar once they complete their L.L.B.

1. Stephen Neale

Famous and Successful Lawyers

Stephen Neale worked for Cooley Godward Kronish. He was awarded as Super Lawyer in 2009, and Best Lawyer in America in 2010. He worked to shift the blames of massive flooding in Michigan from his client, Inland Steel. He was successful to defend former McAfee general counsel Kent Roberts in his backdating-related trial. Stephen also worked for McAfee trial.


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