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The World’s Top 10 Happiest Jobs – (See if your current job make the list?)

Happiest jobs

It has always been tough to known whether or not your new job is one that is going to be fun or otherwise. This is particularly because your satisfaction from the job is dependent on many factors.

From the office environment and adequate work tools to work colleagues, company culture and salary, these will determine how you will feel doing that job.


Considering the fact that we spend most of our time, essentially our life at work, happiness or fulfillment is one key element we musn’t miss or sacrifice.

According to Forbes’ annual happiest job list, the following jobs are the top 10 happiest in the world.


1.    Principal

2.    Executive chef

3.    Loan officer

4.    Automation engineer

5.    Research assistant

6.    Oracle data base operator

7.    Website developer

8.    Business development executive

9.    Senior software engineer

10.    Systems developer

Congratulations if your new job is among any of the above. If it isn’t remember, happiness can always be made by you!


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