16-Year-Old Boy Marries 16-Year-Old Girl

Wedding pictures from a pair of baby-faced Chinese teens have recentlygone viral online with rumors running wild, saying that the groom is just 13 years old and that the bride is pregnant.

However, the newlyweds have talked to local media to set the record straight. It’s been revealed that they are from Mashan county near Nanning in China. The bride says that she is most certainly not pregnant and her husband, who she has known for a grand total of ONE YEAR, is the exact same age as her.

“The story that my spouse is 13 years old is complete nonsense,” she told reporters. “We were both born in 1999 and are 16 years old, he just has a baby face.”

16-Year-Old Boy Marries 16-Year-Old Girl; Internet Goes Nuts

She added that her husband dropped out after middle school and has been working part-time jobs in Nanning for the last two years. The bride also told reporters that their parents are behind their decision.


“Our parents support us, without them we could never have managed to hold a wedding feast with dozens of tables,” she said.

16-Year-Old Boy Marries 16-Year-Old Girl; Internet Goes Nuts

The viral pictures come from that wedding feast, showing the childlike couple dressed up in wedding dress and suit.

“We’ve known each other for more than a year, we would get married sooner or later, so we just decided to go ahead and hold a wedding banquet,” the bride explained. The couple has decided that once they reach the legal marriage age they’ll go and get a formal certificate.


However, that will be quite some time yet as the marriageable age in China is 22 for men and 20 for women.


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