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Meet Mr. Jake, Half-Alligator & Half-Human Found In Florida Swamp

Meet Mr. Jake, Half-Alligator & Half-Human Found In Florida Swamp



Cryptozoology is the science of animals whose existence has not been proven yet, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra. There has been some new evidence of another mythical animal that has surfaced, who goes by the name Mr. Jake.

Mr. Jake is a half-man, half-alligator hybrid who was reportedly found in a Florida swamp.There have been reports of this animal since the 1700’s and more recently, Weekly World News ran a feature in 1993.

For the non believers and those who are curious, Mr. Jake is on display at a museum in Washington. He has a huge cult following throughout the country and thousands of people have traveled just to see him. There is some skepticism whether or not the artifact on display is actually that or just some hoax taxidermy. Gatorman has been a very popular mythical creature for a long time. The search continues, while the myth lives on! 

Check out some of the photos of the Half-Alligator & Half-Human below:





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