1500-Year-Old Bible Confirms That Jesus Christ Was Not Crucified – Vatican In Awe

Much to the dismay of the Vatican, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.
Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet.  The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”.  The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.

A report by The National Turk says that the Bible was seized from a gang of smugglers in a Mediterranean-area operation. The report states the gang was charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives.  The books itself is valued as high as 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars).  Man, where is the Thieves Guild, when you need them?

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According to reports, experts and religious authorities in Tehram insist that the book is original.  The book itself is written with gold lettering, onto loosely-tied leather in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity.  Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found Islam 700 years later.

It is believed that, during the Council of Nicea, the Catholic Church hand-picked the gospels that form the Bible as we know it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas (among many others) in favor of the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially, seems to worry the Vatican.


The Catholic Church wants in

What does this mean to Christian-derived religions and their followers?  Quite a tight spot.  The Vatican has asked Turkish authorities to let them examine the contents of the bookwithin the Church.  Now that the book has been found, will they come to accept the it and its evidence?  Will they deny it altogether?  Call it a “Muslim lie”, as did the “Truth” Magazine, in 2000?

To many, this book is a beacon of hope, that believers soon realize that the object of their adoration is arbitrary; and that all text, especially religious text, is subject to interpretation.

What does this mean to atheists/agnostics/secular thinkers?  Is the text real?  Fake?  Does it matter?  Hopefully, this news inspires the religious to ask questions, instead of pointing fingers or believing anything blindly.

Please, don’t go poking fun or tossing around the “I told you so!”s.  The biggest danger of faith is when people believe what they want to believe, defending against any and all evidence; especially when that evidence revolutionizes their foundation from the ground up.  And the biggest culprit to that danger is the ego trap: rejecting/criticizing others, for being unlike you.

For centuries, the “defense” of blind faith has driven nations to war, violence, discrimination, slavery and to become the society of automatons that we are today; and for just as long, it has been justified with lies.  If you know better, act like it.



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    • Bar Nabi, the son of Encouragement , a Levite tax collector from Crete, WAS Matthew, died in 59 AD and was buried with his own hand-copied version of his Gospel.

      His body was discovered in a mausoleum in Odessa around 470 ad, intact, along with the scroll and the burial cloths of Jesus. These were preserved at the Hagia Sofia, both by the Orthodox Christians, and by the Muslims who conquered them, until “liberated” by the Knights Templar, who brought back the “Odessa Cloth” (now the “Shroud of Turin”) to Europe. What happened to the 59ad version of Matthew’s Gospel is anyone’s guess.

  1. From experience and study of the word of God as contained in the holy Scriptures, no suggestions can withstand the truth about Jesus Christ as the king of kings, and Lord of lords. It does not matter where that book is gotten from; the fact remains that the Truth cannot be changed. Let the whole world believe other wise, the uncompromising truth remains that; Jesus is God the Son…

    • Amen, Kennedy. Whomever even typed this for publication cannot be real – they can’t even spell Tehran. Whatever – I feel so sorry for you who try to discredit God’s Holy Word and His Son! Praise be to Jesus, that I know the TRUTH!

    • I refuse to believe anything other than Christ is my Lord. He is the son of God and he died on that cross for me. There probably s lot of things written during the life and death of Christ. Doesn’t mean they are all true. There were nay Sayers even in the time of Christ. People who didn’t want to believe. But they all will get their chance to explain when Hod calls their name from His book.

  2. Gospel of Barnabas is nothing but a fake. Its written there as Jesus saying the words of John the Baptist, that He is neither Elijah nor the prophet, iam the voice crieth through judea making straight the way of the Lord as mentioned in Elias. From this we can clearly see this book is a book of lies, how he uses the words spoken by John the Baptist as Jesus’. Words. Jesus as He said, when The son of Man returns, wold He find faith,on earth?

    • One thing I’m happy about is that the newly found book acknowledges the presence of Jesus Christ in this world.
      It has not also said that Jesus Christ’s messages were fake or never existed; it has also not said that Jesus Christ preached violent messages of killing them that refused to accept His messages. The didn’t also say that Jesus Christ instructed His followers to kill before making heaven.
      God is not a liar and I am sure that is not in the newly found book that God is a liar.
      If this writer believes that Jesus Christ foretold the coming of Prophet Muhammed, then he must believe the prophecies to the coming to the world of Jesus Christ and also to His departure from this world.



        • Open your mind and brain and learn the truth, your book did testified he was born in a mysterious way with devine power to perform miracles, not the one acting on deluded mind, killing out of jealousy and hatred, you better shine your eyes and come to light before ending up in eternal fire!

  3. Matthew ,Mark, Luke, and John are English names. These are not the types of names people had where Jesus lived. Was there English speaking people living in the same geographical area? The world has gotten smaller as communications has allowed people get information at the push of a keyboard. We are becoming more intelligent, and we are now questioning e information that we were taught. I hope the book is examined in a neutral place, not at the Vatican! My ancestor s were enslaves in the name of Christianity by people with English names. Jesus was not a Christian, he was Jewish. He live the religion of Abraham from the Old Testament (Torah). Sorry but it seems that independent thinking is leading people to question e truth as it was taught and is still being taught.

    • Those names are not English name. Those names have Greek and Hebrew roots and meaning. For example Mary is a Greek name which means bitterness. Go and make a research on the roots and meaning of those names you will discover that you are wrong.

    • Uhhh,,,they’re “English” names because Christians names their children after major Bible characters. They were not common names anywhere in what is now Europe in pre-Christian times.

      • The whole text for the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic. This was the language of that time in history for that country. The names have been translated to English. The name Jesus in the original is actually Yeshua. Just because the names in the Bible are written in English today doesn’t mean that it’s not “real”. It simply means it was translated.

        • Aramaic was the language that was spoken in the region Christ lived in. It was not the only language at the time, or the only language in the country. Perhaps you have heard of the Romans? These are people that ruled over the Jews in the time period. The Romans spoke Greek and Latin, both of Christ and his people would have also spoken. Since Greek was the most widely spoken language at the time, and the purpose of the Gospel and the new testament is to spread the word of God to as many people as possible. The original text of the Gospels and Paul’s Letters, were all in Greek.

  4. Let’s give this lie a little rope to hang itself. No one who has studied a little of church history wouldn’t have come across this b4 u açcept this as truth pls take it through the same authentication and verification process the Scriptures have gone through

  5. People be talking what they don’t know! most of the Biblical names as we know them today are the English interpretation of the original Hebrew names. For example, you can never find the letter J in any Hebrew alphabet. What they have is Y, the letter J originated by a pope who was playing with the letter I and he included a curve under it to make it look like an umbrella, that is how the J letter came about. The Hebrew name of Jesus is Yeshua, Jacob is Yacob, Mary is Miriam, Jahovah is actually Yahovah, HalleluJah is HalleluJah! God’s name is Yah! Not Jah! Many things has been changed in the cause of time…the man known as Jesus is (Yashua) is the Son of God (Yah)!

    • Astrological book. Sun of God. Saturn worship. SATURN is EL. Hence, israel, gabriel, michael, emmanuel, highest positions (elites), high position in church (elder). Jesus is the 7th diety in history with a virgin mother and death and resurrection. Hindu (krishna), egypt (horus), etc. All due to the constellation virgo. Sorry

  6. People be talking what they don’t know! most of the Biblical names as we know them today are the English interpretation of the original Hebrew names. For example, you can never find the letter J in any Hebrew alphabet. What they have is Y, the letter J originated by a pope who was playing with the letter I and he included a curve under it to make it look like an umbrella, that is how the J letter came about. The Hebrew name of Jesus is Yeshua, Jacob is Yacob, Mary is Mariam, Jahovah is actually Yahovah, HalleluJah is HalleluYah! God’s name is Yah! Not Jah! Many things has been changed in the cause of time…the man known as Jesus is (Yashua) and he is the Son of God (Yah)! More so, the white man with a long hair falling down his shoulder as pictured every is NOT Jesus neither does he look like him. History made us to understand that that picture is the representation of the son of a pope by name Cecera Bojia! He used his picture to represent the Christ and Christendom has followed that lie since ages past! According to the Bible, Jesus (Yashua) is a dark sinned man with woolly hair! In other words, Jesus would pass for an African when you see him in person. The book of Revelation said he is hair is as white as wool and his skin as fine brass! Brass is brown! Y’all can do ur research, the Biblical israelites were blacks just like the ancient Egyptians. But today, a lot has changed and there’s been a lot of white washing. Discover the truth and do ur research!

    • You thoroughly validated my personal beliefs, which is derived from basic common sense and the set of beliefs that I was born with. People generally aren’t positively receptive to anything, they can justify ‘, within themselves, feeling they’re threatened, in whatever way for whatever reason. Science and history are uncovering things governments and most certainly the Vatican would probably like to keep hidden. And though I am not religious, I am very spiritual and I do believe in God/my HP(Higher Power ).

  7. @blue are you meaning that the name umbrella existed before letter “i” . then t would mean may be that each letter came in ts own time when many names had existed. its amazing
    just asking…

  8. Not after all that I have heard and seen in life about Jesus, I rather believe that jesus is lord, the only way, the truth and life and at the end realize HE is not than believe he is not only to die and realize HE is…….

  9. Not a “Bible”, just another of a dozen or so “gospels” floating around the eastern Mediterranean written in the first few centuries after Jesus’ death. None of them (including the four gospels that were canonized) is an eyewitness account and none of them are historically reliable accounts. And the description of what happened at the Council of Nicaea shows that not only does the author not know how to spell, but knows nothing about what happened there.

  10. Q 500 AD the Bible had been translated into over 500 languages. Just one century later, by 600 AD, it has been restricted to only one language: the Latin Vulgate! The only organized and recognized church at that time in history was the Catholic Church of Rome, and they refused to allow the scripture to be available in any language other than Latin. Those in possession of non-Latin scriptures would be executed! This was because only the priests were educated to understand Latin, and this gave the church ultimate power… a power to rule without question… a power to deceive… a power to extort money from the masses. Nobody could question their “Biblical” teachings, because few people other than priests could read Latin. The church capitalized on this forced-ignorance through the 1,000 year period from 400 AD to 1,400 AD knows as the “Dark and Middle Ages”.

    Pope Leo the Tenth established a practice called the “selling of indulgences” as a way to extort money from the people. He offered forgiveness of sins for a fairly small amount of money. For a little bit more money, you would be allowed to indulge in a continuous lifestyle of sin, such as keeping a mistress. Also, through the invention of “Purgatory”, you could purchase the salvation of your loved-one’s souls. The church taught the ignorant masses, “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the troubled soul from Purgatory springs!” Pope Leo the Tenth showed his true feelings when he said, “The fable of Christ has been quite profitable to us!”

  11. Bible stories are based on a 6,000 year old Earth. Its authors believed the Earth was flat.Why do rational, sensible people still choose to believe this anti-science as opposed to evidence-based science for evolution? The answer lies in the power religion bestows on rulers, etc. Plus, the enormous cash-cow for religious institutions and other vested interests.
    Take away all of that and – on a level playing field – belief in any supernatural would be of minority interest. Consider how humanity would’ve suffered far fewer and needless deaths, destruction, wars, etc, if religion was just a personal choice, without these man-made, destructive add-ons?

    • Science can’t explain bleeding or oil producing Virgin Mary or crucifix holy objects , relics or statues and the long history of stigmatics is a living testimony of the greatest sacrifice in the history of mankind!

  12. Seen plenty of “lost books”. It’s probably authentically old, but that doesn’t mean it reflects much factual value. Apart from that, I won’t believe anybody who tells me what it says without offering me a translation to consider myself; much less the clearly biased author of this article.

    So…maybe it’s something, maybe it’s not, most of us won’t be able to really know for a few years at least.

    • Great comment. This is Islam trying to cause a distraction for true Christians. I will always, no matter the storm that JESUS IS LORD

  13. This is to Christians only, hello u people can’t u thnk
    if Adam the first man on earth was nt produced by God ,was just made out of clay by His hands n he was nt his son, den y do u kol Isa the son ov God.
    pipo just kno that ur miss led

  14. what is a better time than now as Obama drags in his Muslim people to tell every one this book of lies satin is on his move .Jesus is the son of god he died and he is alive the almighty is coming the son of the living god .the spirit of truth is hear

  15. You have to be careful WHAT you believe. Jesus warns about false doctrine because He knew how authentic it would APPEAR to be to those who do not have spiritual understanding or unbelievers, or anyone who has already been deceived by other forms of false doctrine. I believe the Bibles I have contain the truth since it is in those Bibles where we are warned more than once not to add or subtract from the truth, and against false teachings and false doctrine. I have the Holy Bible (NLT because it is easy to understand). You do not have to have been around back during the time of Jesus to gain spiritual understanding of what is real and true to God’s doctrine, and what is FALSE. What you need is the Holy Spirit living inside of you to let you know when someone is trying to deceive you with either text or speech (or in action), or if they are being truthful and honest in their words and actions. Pray for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to reveal the TRUTH to you.

    • Shalom ! Its great new information surface , however no one ever fail to mention Yah Ruach ha Kodesh ( holy spirit ) . If messiah is a hoax of today then how can there be supernatural miracles , gifts of ministry operating like in ( Eph 4 :11) if there was no actual outpouring of the holy spirit during Pentecost , with signs following from heaven . These events only could happen after messiah death ? ( gotcha )

  16. Shalom ! Its great new information surface , however no one ever fail to mention Yah Ruach ha Kodesh ( holy spirit ) . If messiah is a hoax of today then how can there be supernatural miracles , gifts of ministry operating like in ( Eph 4 :11) if there was no actual outpouring of the holy spirit during Pentecost , with signs following from heaven . These events only could happen after messiah death ? ( gotcha )

  17. Wow! another one of those “discoveries” that anti-christians want to believe in! there you go. If people don’t really want the truth they will believe lies by choice.

  18. Pls people just avoiding argue or misunderstanding for not commited unforgiveness sin Almighty Allah knows the truth and just worship our creator with your hearth..!!!!!!!!!!! But i surely believe sun will raise and truth will comed when the time comes….

  19. Beleivers beware of lies from the pit of is written that in the last days, even the very ellects will be deceived!

  20. Confirms what all intelligent people already know, that the bible is simply a book and Jesus was a construct of Mary explaining her infidelity to her husband.

    It looks like the christians are pretty single minded and fanatical in their thoughts.

    Then explain how if Adam and Eve were the original two humans that founded the entire human race, then Eve must have been incestuous, or their children were.

    • I think you need to do a little more work to understand how to read and interpret the creation story in Genisis. Also, perhaps a little reading of serious historians on the life of the historical Jesus. It doesn’t imperically prove deity etc, but there is a lot to be said about the validity of the writings and how seriously the historical community takes the writings in the gospel documents. No historical writings are without motive. If you’re going to argue an atheistic point of view, then at least be informed and cohesive.

  21. Would you believe me if I tell you about the gift my grand father left us, when died 50 years ago.
    He left behind for my family, a large fruit tree farm, a small sum of old coins he collected during his travel to long distant lands, and a small box containing i-Phone 5S.
    What year or century did this book was claimed to have been written?
    Seek the ‘language/phrase’ and events mentioned that shows the real era that the book was written.

  22. in the qur’an it was said” they have eyes but they do not see,they have ears but they do not hear” i know all of u wont reason with d truth cz u cant see it,only a pure heart can.repent b4 its too late for u shall not say we did not hear

    • Look into your heart. Is it pure? Are you justified through your works to your creator? Will he show you mercy without penalty? How will this keep him just? Surely he must punish sin? Pray for justice. Pray for forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, one of the three ‘persons’ of the one and only true God.

  23. There were no books then,so this cannot be true.which is why the books of the bible were found in scrolls. Even the quran which came 700 yrs later was written on leaves,skin etc b4 compilation…there is no way one persons account can have more authentication than the account of more than 20 witnesses…this must be the work of lucifer to destroy the christian faith and he cannot succeed.Before the new testament was compiled the disciples lived and preached his death and resurrection.people saw and heard them.they converted cities,villages,they were put in jail,killed.many were beheaded,fried in oil,crucified like Jesus,given to lions to be eaten for games,yet they refused to renounce Jesus.This is the reason christianity thrived even before the new testament was compiled.This is the reason it still thrives without christians being violent,simply by preaching that “For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever belives in Him should not perish but have eternal life”
    While other religions are taking lives the early Christians were giving their lives.this is the proof that they saw him die and rose again

  24. There are in fact two books. “The Gospel of Barnabas” and “The Gospel According to Barnabas”. Barnabas was one of the twelve disciples. One of them actually repeats the story of Jesus as we know it in the Bible. The other denies it and was written by a Muslim. Now isn’t that an irony? The Muslim version is not as old as the one that coincides with the accounts in the Bible and it was written in chapters. (Source: Wikipedia)

    The original text of the Bible was not written in chapters. The chapters were created when the text from the scrolls as it was translated from the original writings. “The Gospel of Barnabas” authored by a Muslim is only one story, written by a Muslim for the purpose of attempting to dismiss the testimony and hundreds of witnesses recorded in the Bible.

  25. Brethren why waste your humble time chatting the unforeseen. Where is your trust and faith? Do you know that we are preparing to meet Jesus very soon? Do you know that Jesus will ask us questions why doubting the Gospel, why doubting that he died for you and me. It doesn’t matter what they write, what they say, who says it and who listens to it… What matters is that Jesus is the savor and Lord, he was crucified, died on the cross, buried, resurrected and ascended to heaven interceding for us. this is too much enough out of this is not in my vocabulary and should not be..

    “All other stories, he will tell me when I meet him”

    Nobody among us as seen God, we just belief, trust and obey for there is no any other way Brethren… lucifer is cleaver with is tactics but he fail to win over Jesus, he can beat us by corrupting our minds about Jesus if we listen to him. lucifer is anybody, anything, any force, any material written all spoken that is anti Christ, anti the Gospel. Christians have hears, eyes and can use all the 6 senses without fail, but these organ\senses should not be used against Christian faith and morals. If I will die by trusting in the name of Jesus, I better die, better not see, better not hear or better not have any sense, but get everlasting life. Those who are writing this messages and those who are reading and waste your time arguing and doubting, “PREPARE YOURSELF” for the Judgement is at hand…

  26. The Jesus story has always been untrue, in fact even unreliable. For interest sake I have always argued that, if Jesus was supposed to be killed according to some areas of the bible, why does Christianity condemn Judas yet he made Jesus ministry possible.

  27. Jesus foresee Muhammad a pedophile…you think a book will change what i believe, you mean i should convert to Islam and start blowing things up…way to evolve.

  28. The Sanhedrin, after the death of Christ started many false rumors, and of course they wrote them down. Most of these were written using false identities.
    The Bible records that they even had the soldiers who guarded Christ’s tomb wer paid to lie and say that they all went to sleep while the diciples stole his body. The penalty for a soldier sleeping on guard duty was death and yet nothing happened to these Roman soldiers. And if they were asleep how did they know who stole the body?
    This is just another one of these false reports. Just because it was written hundreds of years ago gives it no validity.


  30. If a serious allegation is made into my religion (which my heavenly salvation depends on) and my lifes ultimate purpose, I will make sure I undertake a great inquiry into the said aleegation and also look inwards to my dear religion. I will take a good time to source for relevant information while putting any sentiment and prejudice at bay. The result of this intensive investigation will surely lead me to oneof two ways;
    1. the falsification of the allegations made thereby making me hold tight to my faith or,
    2. the justification of the allegations made thereby making me LOOK INTO other religious faiths
    either way I hold it a task worth undertaking fora matter of such gravity as religion should not be taken lightly.

  31. All of this are all lies,, i only trust at the bible but not it, whose this man who discovered of it, he is full of is spirit of the demon, the crusified of jesus is truth and it is, proved! According from the new testament

  32. Putting matters of faith aside, the article is complete nonsense. If the authors think they are going to build a case for Islam using lies that can be easily shut down by the academic world then they are doing more harm than good to their cause. You should be using reason, not propaganda. For someone who believes in ‘the truth’, the director of this website sure feels comfortable endorsing lies.

  33. The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John confirm that this “Gospel of Barnabas” is bogus. Besides, it is only 500 years old, not 1500, making it about 900 years after Mohammed.

  34. The Book of Barnabus is not God-breathed. It is not inspired by the Holy Spirit. That is why it is not part of the Bible. The Bible is God-breathed.

  35. There is no need of argumentation. We all know that JESUS CHRIST is a of GOD,
    Some are asking about the offical language that JESUS speak, during the time of JESUS there so many languages, eg the Roman, Hebrew, jewis and even Aramaic that some of you guys claim was JESUS official languege……
    The truth need to be told, let forget all this argument let us joint our hand and mine to serve our long life GOD……

  36. When Christ was alive, people tried to discredit Him, how much now when He is no longer with us in the flesh. It is left with us His followers to defend our belief. It does not matter what people say or what they write, anyone who has truly had an encounter with Christ, will know that Christ is real and is alive. Come again and say Christ appears to people telling them He is not the way to heaven, we will still believe in Him. LOSERS!

  37. Matthew 28:12-14New International Version (NIV)

    12 When the chief priests had met with the elders and devised a plan, they gave the soldiers a large sum of money, 13 telling them, “You are to say, ‘His disciples came during the night and stole him away while we were asleep.’ 14 If this report gets to the governor, we will satisfy him and keep you out of trouble.” It must be known that the resurrection event was an all time greatest event in history. The enemy of God (satan) would therefore stop at nothing to use counterfeit disciples to discredit the very foundation of the CHRISTIAN’S faith. Barnabas who may have written that story is not the same as the Son of encouragement who is mentioned in the Holy Bible.

  38. So is the Turkish government going to allow it’s authentication by independent scholars? That would be the first indicator as to whether it’s fake or not. Until then, we can’t know. If they didn’t allow independent verification then that would raise doubts.

  39. Heyy who cares about this article or the found book. I believe n our lord Jesus and he died for our sins and he defeated the dead and is a living God in heaven. The truth can never be changed nor my faith as well..

    I think its the work of the stupid Antichrist trying to change everyone’s thoughts so it can rule. This will never happen and the only king of all kings would be my Lord Jesus Chris. Please piss off you Antichrist. Your just sand and dust.

    Glory to god (Jesus) in the highest and hail mary mother of God ( mother mary)

  40. I don’t believe this crap one bit…Jesus is my Lord and will never change my mind..woe to fools Saith the Lord..God’s wrath is coming on unbelievers.. Woe to scoffers, and mockers

  41. There is no need of argument in this matter. Jesus Christ very clearly taught that the spirit of antichrist was working even at Jesus Christ’s time.
    Anti christ would come in to power soon and no man can prevent that. Who is anti christ?. None but he that deny the Father and Son.
    Anti christ will come in to power not like on who fails but with all might as a successor and will rule this world for seven years.. All the mankind will wonder at him he will be a good advocate and by his words people will admire him and accept him much easily.
    To get all these done, gospel of burnabas, the UNESCO movement to break the Jewish and Christian ties with Jerusalem all these will play a role.
    Truth will always remain Truth. Before going to hell, all people of antichrist will have to confess JesusChrist as Lord.

  42. Jesus is lord believe it or not, but to those who believe stand firm and don’t let modern lies and discoveries and so on derail u.

  43. Being a Christian is not just as ordinary as being taught or told to be a Christian;
    it is a personal experience that amazes even yourself. You cannot tell the man who has met Jesus that Jesus doesn’t exist, no!
    When you experience the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus, you will never argue against it again.
    Paul was more aggressive and destructive against Jesus, but he met Jesus in a unique way and his story changed.
    Jesus meets everyone in different ways;
    He’ll meet you now if you desire so.

  44. From experience and study of the word of God as contained in the holy Scriptures, no suggestions can withstand the truth about Jesus Christ as the king of kings, and Lord of lords. It does not matter where that book is gotten from; the fact remains that the Truth cannot be changed. Let the whole world believe other wise, the uncompromising truth remains that; Jesus is God the Son… Romans are against God that’s why they are forging documents like these, childrens of the serpent.what is Vatican! , House of the devil.

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