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HIV/AIDS Can Be Cured Within 24-Hours Using Quran – Salawatiya Muslim Cleric

Sheikh Imam Rashid, the leader of the Salawatiya Muslim Mission in Ghana has claimed that patients suffering from HIV/AIDS could be cured within twenty-four hours using remedies from the Quran.
The Tamale based cleric made the claims on Sunday while answering a question about Quranic Science and Healing powers on US based Qibla FM (
He said the Muslim Holy Book is a remedy to all of the world’s problems.
“Twenty-Four hours is the maximum time to cure HIV/AIDS and Ebola. The Quran has cures to any disease that can come on the earth.”
Sheikh Rashid who is also the CEO of the Salawat Health Restoration Center added that he has been abled to power a car with air, all using information from the Quran.




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  1. Who is this fake fuck head with his Arab stupidity?
    How can Africans listen to such obscene advice from the cave man asshole?
    Muslims really are the most stupid people in history!
    They are destroying Africa!!!

    • Floriana, this man is one of the best to ever grace the world, instead of being hurry to condem, why don’t you make a research. There’s nothing humanely impossible with The Use of the Quran. Wish you do your best to meet him. You can also check his youtube vids. Thank you.

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