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Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings In The World (Houses of Parliament, Cape Town is 9th)

1. The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest: –

It is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary. It occupied on the bank of the Danube River, and is one among Budapest’s most well known landmarks. Construction started in 1885 and finished in 1904, and now the building is still the biggest in Hungary and tallest in Budapest. It is also one among Europe’s oldest legislative buildings.

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

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2. The Palace of Westminster, London: –

It is the meeting place of the Houses of Parliament of the UK that are the House of Lords and the House of Commons. The palace occupy on the side of River Thames, and with the well known Big Ben clock tower, they are one among London’s well known attractions and one among Europe’s most popular monuments.

The Palace of Westminster, London

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3. The Capitol, Washington DC: –

It is the seat of the US Congress. It is situated on top of Capitol Hill. The Construction started in 1793 and was finished in 1800. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

The Capitol, Washington DC

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4. The Reichstag, Berlin: –

It is once again the meeting place of the German parliament since 1999. The Reichstag officially opened in 1894. Tourists can visit the glass dome of the Reichstag and one among the approved attractions in Berlin. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

The Reichstag, Berlin

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5. Centre Block, Ottawa: –

The Parliament of Canada sit is the Canadian parliamentary building on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario. The Centre Block is the important building of that complex. It has Senate chambers and the House of Commons, also several offices of senators, senior administration for both legislative houses and members of parliament. The Peace Tower is the important architectural feature of Centre Block and a huge clock tower that stands in the center of the building.

Centre Block, Ottawa

(Image Source- wikimedia)

6. The Secretariat Building, New Delhi: –


It is the place of the Cabinet Secretariat that operates the Government of India. It is constructed in the 1910. The Secretariat buildings are having two blocks of symmetrical buildings. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

The Secretariat Building, New Delhi

(Image Source- wikimedia)

7. Binnenhof, The Hague, Netherlands: –

It is the oldest parliament building still in use. It is a complex of buildings that were first constructed in the 13th century and became the political center of the Dutch Republic in 1584. Now it is the meeting place of houses of the Netherlands, also the office of the Ministry of General Affairs and the Prime Minister.

Binnenhof, The Hague, Netherlands

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8. The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest: –

This building has chambers of the Romanian Parliament. It is the biggest parliament in the world and biggest civilian building with an administrative function. It is the most expensive management building and also the heaviest building. The construction started in 1984 and finished in 1997. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest

(Image Source- unece)

9. Houses of Parliament, Cape Town: –

It is contains of three sections constructed in various times: official building from the late 19th century, second building from the 1920, and the final building constructed in the 1980. The complex has the two houses of South Africa: the National Council of Provinces and the National Assembly. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

Houses of Parliament, Cape Town

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10. Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand: –

It is the Executive Wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings complex. The shape of this building duplicates in a way a beehive, giving its name. The construction of the building started in 1969 and finished in 1981. The height of the building is 236 feet. Top 10 Most Beautiful Parliament Buildings in the World

Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand

(Image Source- wikimedia)


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