Revealed!: See What To Do When You Add Too Much Salt To Food!

From simple errors to nonchalant culinary skills, many people have added more salt to their foods making the meals out rightly inconsumable. When this happens, a lot of people are unaware of simple methods or tricks that can be followed during the cooking period to reduce the saltiness of the foods before the meals are served.

In one of our previous articles, we have talked about the adverse effects of adding too much salt to foods. We also provided answers to the question of “how much salt is actually too much“. Another post also showed us the best time during cooking to add salt to food to avoid over salting of the food.

adding salt to stew

In many of the cases, water is usually added to the foods in a bit to reduce the salt concentration but this seems not to produce the desired result. To adequate remedy over saltiness, the following tricks could be adopted depending on your meal.


Add Some Slices Of Sweet Potatoes

This has been helpful and a few people who had tried it can attest to it. Have your potatoes sliced into big parts, rinse them and add into a salty soup. As the potato cooks, it will help absorb the salty water or solution of the soup there by helping in balancing the saltiness. The potatoes can be removed after they had absorbed enough salt solution.

Add Some Liquid Milk

In fact, instead of adding some quantity of water particularly to soups and porridges, milk solution has been reported to perform and produce a better result in reducing the saltiness in the soups than water.

Rinse With Plenty Water

For boiled rice and yam, your best bet is to rinse the food over and over again to reduce the salt content before serving. In the case of meat, if you would eventually be adding them to a soup, you could avoid adding salt or cube seasonings to the soup. The salt in the meat might just be enough.

Add Some Quantity Of Sugar

This has to be carefully done to avoid excessive adding of sugar. Add sugar in small quantity and taste the food or soup to ascertain if there is a reduction in the level of saltiness. Once there is a remarkable reduction, it is advisable for you to stop adding sugar because excessive sugar in some types of food can ruin the original flavour of the food. The sugar to be added can be honey or white sugar.

Although the above bulleted points are some of the tricks you can do to reduce saltiness in your meal, the most important thing is for you to remain careful as regards the quantity of salt you intend adding to you meals. That way there would be no need for these tricks.


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