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World’s Top 10 Most Liked People on the Facebook (Cristiano Ronaldo is 7th)


When it comes to the most popular and widely used social networking websites around the world then Facebook comes at the top of the list because today it has become the biggest and most used social networking website with more than 900,000,000 monthly unique visitors. It has made it easier to be connected with our friends and family whether they are living in our home town or abroad. It allows its users to communicate, send and receive their files and also allows its users to chat and make video calls. Simply we can say that is has almost all the facilities which are our major requirements today. In our daily life we see different people being discussed on Facebook from which some are liked while on the other hand some are disliked by people. Today we are going to give you a list of top ten people who are much liked on Facebook by people.



Rank Name Number of Likes
1. Eminem 49,293,400
2. Rihanna 47,451,900
3. Lady Gaga 45,377,800
4. Michael Jackson 42,628,700
5. Shakira 42,440,000
6. Justin Bieber 37,901,300
7. Cristiano Ronaldo 36,627,300
8. Katy Perry 36,532,000
9. Lil Wayne 32,740,000
10. Bob Marley 32,706,500



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