iPhone To Detect Bacteria That Cause Food Poisoning?

The next impressive medical application on the iPhone could be a be a $250 organic chemistry laboratory. Yes, that is like having a food analytical laboratory in your pocket. This is very interesting and to those who might be doubting the possibility, I have this to tell you. Applications like this have been developed in the past.

There have been medical applications used to screen for skin cancer, manage diabetes, prevent blindness, provide eye examinations. We have seen applications on iPhones used to diagnose sleep apnea and even bipolar episodes. Isn’t this cool?



So, What’s Up With iPhone Being Able To Prevent Food Poisoning?

It will interest you to know that 6SensorLabs already has a device that can detect whether a food is truly gluten-free. This you can do using a smartphone.

The Nima from 6SensorLabs is an organic-chemistry lab small enough to carry in your pocket. Right now it is only good for one thing: detecting gluten in foods at minuscule concentrations, as little as 20 parts per million, the FDA’s threshold for declaring a food “gluten-free.”

The company says that this could be just the start, with future versions able to detect the bacteria that cause food poisoning.

In the future, says 6SensorLabs co-founder and Chief Executive Shireen Yates, it could be adapted to recognize all manner of proteins—including ones that would allow it to recognize bacterial contaminants such as E. coli and salmonella.

SCiO from Consumer Physics of Israel says that it’s possible that its camera-based technology – used to identify substances by measuring the spectrum of light they reflect – could even be built into future smartphones. Via: [9to5Mac]


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