SEE The Four Times Countries In Africa Have Been Fooled By Religion

Do you believe in God?

Has God ever let you down? Have you depended on God so much and he never delivered? From childhood, we were taught by our parents, religion. We are told that whatever God they worship is the almighty and will solve our problems for us.

Even though some of our problems demand common sense or hands-on solution, we tend to rely on God to hand in favors. Let’s take you through four real life scenarios in which over-dependance on God (s) fooled the people of Africa

This piece is borrowed from Ahissen Kwaku.


Fooled into believing that Ebola was a satanic disease imposed over Liberia because of homosexuality and wide spread corruption, over 100 Pentecostal pastors died miserably and foolishly as they laid their hands on Ebola victims praying for them hours and even days attempting to exorcise and deliver them from Ebola in Churches instead of taking these people to hospitals and medical centers to seek treatment. To these pastors, everything is SPIRITUAL and as such try solving all problems from the spiritual perspective.

The Rise Of  The Cedi


In Ghana, we had Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams leading his Church of over 5000 congregants; many among them, highly educated men and women in the English speaking charismatic church, praying heavily for hours in ‘tongues’ for the Ghana Cedi to rise. What a waooooow !!!!!! And has the Ghana cedi actually risen or appreciated in value ? The cedi has rather depreciated in value ever since, with the Dollar-Cedi equivalent now at 1:4. Prime minister David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth do not pray or fast for the British Pounds Sterling to rise or appreciate. Rather, the implementation of prudent economic measures, wise spending, avoiding unnecessary borrowing and total anti-corruption initiatives has made the Pounds Sterling and British economy what it is today.



When Zaire (Dr.Congo), qualified for its first FIFA World Cup in 1974, then president, Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga[a] sent a delegation of 72 spiritual men in accompanying the team to West Germany. Yet, with all these spiritual men, they could not score a single goal but conceded 14 goals in their first 3 matches. In Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Senegal, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and other African countries, the actions, inactions, beliefs and thoughts of people are hugely influenced by religion. That superstitious beliefs ban people from working on their farmlands on Thursdays or fishing on the sea on Tuesdays to the payment of hundreds and thousands of Cedis by a new breed of charismatic christians for a bottle of “anointing oil ” intended to solve all their spiritual problems that in real life value isn’t up to 10 Cedis, sums up the obsession of Ghanaians, Africans and the Black race with religion and its associated beliefs.


Accra Disaster

accra floods

Earlier this month, a horrific flood took away properties and the lives of over 150 people in Accra, Ghana. Inasmuch as we all know the cause of these floods which have been persistent for over a decade, it was revealed by the Ga Traditional Council that a vigil organized by some Ghanaian celebrities to solve power issues and a boxing bout between two boxers were the cause of the disaster. We were equally shocked by this revelation as we don’t see how they relate but that is what the gods of the Ga traditional council told it’s leaders.


Born as a Christian into a traditional local Ghanaian community, l wouldn’t for a second doubt or deny the existence of a higher God or lesser god. We have all under one circumstance believed and hoped that the bigger God or lesser god would intervene to solve one problem for us. However, the over reliance on God or a lesser god to solve all our problems, coupled with our obsession to label any minute logical challenge, illment, financial difficulties,natural disasters and accidents as spiritual problems is becoming the foundation of lazy thinking, incompetence, insanity and an excuse to cover up for our failures as individuals, nation and race as Africans. When the Akosombo dam dries up due to intense sunshine and lack of rainfall, we disturb God with prayers calling on him to shower us with rain, forgetting that God is not punishing us with the sun but rather giving us an alternative to meet our energy demands through solar energy. When our own foolishness to build on waterways and litter our drains with rubbish leads to flooding of our capital city, we have no shame shifting blame to a bunch of patriotic citizens who vigiled to demand an end to the energy crisis darkening Ghana, suffocating businesses, taking innocent lives and tearing families apart with joblessness. And we had a government appointee and communicator blaming dwarfs for the free fall of the Cedi and inflation in this 21st Century of China phones, fast foods and telenovela dominating Ghana and Africa.

Though very young in life, my little experience has taught me, that Ghanaians, Africans and the Black race are a bunch of spiritual freaks, constantly, consistently and incessantly labeling all petty challenges as the works of unseen spiritual forces of darkness hence their over reliance on God or a lesser god to solve all their problems. We hardly use our brains to solve our problems. For the God who created the American, Chinesse and Arabian gave them brains and he gave us brains too !!! Hence God will not forgive us if we fail to use our brains to make our lives and that of unborn generations better. For we are children of no lesser god.

Helen Keller was just 19 when she became deaf and blind but that didn’t stop her from becoming the first deaf and blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. If she was a Ghanaian, she could have blamed her family witches, wizards, demons and gods for her misfortune and probably ended up at the prayer camp of Bishop Obinim or Prophet Ebenezer for healing. Had Thomas Edison considered darkness as the handiwork of the devil, we would never have had the electric bulb. If Americans had considered the moon as the abode of demons, Neil Armstrong would never have landed on the moon or paved way for the space science revolution. Orville and Wilbur Wright would never have invented the first successful aeroplanes had they believed in gods occupying the atmosphere and demons and witches flying at night.

The world has gone past the stone age era of primitive thinking, over reliance on God and gods, blaming demons for our challenges and dwarfs for inflation. Americans are now using 3D printing to create virtually every material we are using. The Japanese are now using trains nearly at the speed of light to ease transportation burdens and save time. The Chinese are taking over the world, supplying us almost everything including chopsticks and catapults. We had independence with Malaysia in 1957 but they are centuries ahead of us. The world is fast moving towards the pinnacle of science, technology and development and they surely won’t wait for us. We must take responsibility for our actions, tackle our challenges from a scientific perspective and stop our stupid obsession with spirituality and religion as the source of our problems and the only means to solving them.

Again, the God who created the American, Chinese and Arabian gave them brains and he gave us brains too. For we are children of no lesser God !!!

May God bless our homeland Ghana and make us wise and strong.



Written by PH


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  1. My children “take a day of rest”
    My children “do not intentially take life”
    My children “honor your mother & your father that your days be long upon the earth”
    My children honor your wife “do not commit adultery” (you can even take more than one but do it righteously marry them as you can afford it
    My children do not dishonor your brethren “do not steal from them”
    My children do not slander your bretheren “do not lie on them (who are your brethren all the seeds of Adam)
    My children do not envy your bretherens possessions ” do not covey”
    My children I am the all and powerful mightyone do not reduce me to nothing ” do not blasphem by denying my spirit”
    My children I am jealous so do not accredit yourselves the hands of man with my work “have nothing else that you worship before me for I am the one & only”
    My children anything created by me is lessor than me (Satan is lessor than me) do not serve or idolize it “have no mighty one above me”
    My children these are the commands have you been obedient in keeping them while continuously winning about more blessings ???????????? Hummmmm let’s see…
    The first problem mentioned was disease (Ebola) why was Ebola even relevant ? We are an unclean species (this can be found in the laws many disregard) were fifthly and wretched and arrogant…Exdous 19:14 & 15 “wash & cleanse yourselves & be prepared do not come near a wife” this was the 1st command before any additional ones were given…Ebola was sited as being able to survive due to unhygienic practices just as we saw during the middle ages (dark ages) where Europeans were not bathing.
    Then came the moors and what did they introduce 1st cleanliness what is it next too ?
    When we disregard this its simple we suffer the father has been clear & we have the free will if choice.

    Next issue mentioned was the rise of the cedi-
    I couldn’t help but focusing on two countries in particular that were used as a comparison, OK so America and the UK you say are not overly religions yet they are economic powerhouses let’s talk a bit about what propelled their growth: I’ll be straightforward ” MURDER”
    World war l approx 20 million dead
    World war ll listed as the most deadliest 60-85 million dead
    Korean war 1,200,000
    Gulf war 294
    Ghana was once colonized by British so Ghana is still a little late in the political death toll game but the above mentioned currencies has blood on it there that is the secret & satan is chief financier but fret not dear one from what I am told her stays in the market for recruits.
    Next problem “Mobutu sese seko kuku ngbendu wa ga banga”
    Allow me a Mobutu classic “As the Messiah of Zaire” held in as high of regard as the catholic pope himself recommending that crucifixes be exchanged for images of “ME” I find that the good President of the united if America George Bush that I have met 13 times to be a “Intelligent” “Open” & “Sensitive Man” …Bush & the Whitehouse response to Mobutu: VISA DENIED to come to the Whitehouse for a visit. United States of America my good friends !
    Mobutu obviously had poor judgement but it gets worse as a prophet one is said to prosper under the guidance of The Almighty and Powerful one let’s see how Mobutu faired: 1st Congo war Mobutu “Overthrown” & exiled by September of 1997 where he will die from being afflicted with cancer…closing statements on his reign “dictator” “economic exploitative” “corrupt” “embezzler” between 4-15 billion
    His legacy- he sent 70 spiritual leaders to a football game for a miracle outcome !
    Allow me: Here is a quote from one better than a prophet he was called Messiah also
    “Son of man throw yourself down if you are indeed the son of the almighty” response ” for it has been written you shall not “TRY” your mighty one” 70 spiritual leaders to the appeasement of a miracle with laws during your reign disregarded & the end result was the response “NOTHING”
    Disaster is like the above we are disobedient yes Ghanians are correct pleasing the father matters stop mocking them

  2. 1). But Jesus told us that suffering will continues until when He will come back to fix the world.
    Conclusion: Even we are Christians: we will also suffer
    2). Jesus said: only focus on Heavenly things: praying for soccer match, will not help anything to the spiritual life of people.
    3). Even we fail to heal people by our prayer… Remember that the priority is the Will of GOD(because He is good and everything He does are perfect).
    Conclusion: People can die while praying because GOD wants to take them to Heaven. So, a better way to save someone from this world of sin and sickness, is to take him to Heaven.
    Did I answer you?

    • His name is not Jesus he was a Hebrew Israelite and changing his name is like changing his ethnicity & don’t try to tell me that his dosen’t matter when hour dose. You are visiting an African based website if you are not convinced that there’s importance in names ask them about how their birth given names tie them to their tribes. Messiayh had a tribe to he told you he was the root of Dawud aka King David & King David sat on the throne ruling Yisrael aka Israel. So now that you know this you will understand why Messiah came saying what he said John5:43 “I have come in my ” father’s name” & you do not receive me & what is his father’s name remember this John 4:22 you worship “what you do not know” deliverance is of the Israelites (his tribe)

      His father’s name sits at the head of his sons because its symbolic his is “YAH” psalms 68:4 his sons name is YAHOSHUA aka YAHS SHUA-SALVATION he gave mankind his son through sacrifice who refer to as the lamb mankinds final slaughter offering. Halleluyah which which is the highest form of praise you can give it means praise you YAH J an English letter so its not Hallelu”jah” nor was the name “J” esus around don’t ever think its okay to rob someone of their cultural identity that you did not give he said it out if his own mouth “you worship what you do not know”

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