Which Country has Most Miss Universe Winners


Miss Universe is an annual beauty competition which is conducted by the World Miss Universe Organization. It is located in New York It was Discovered and founded  by the California clothing company named Pacific Mills in 1952. This contest is participated by the different nations of the world from which one country’s female model is selected and country wins the Title for the year.









United States of America (USA) is the country which won the most  titles in the world USA is the top listed country in the ranking list prepared by wikipedia.  It won 8 titles in the following years.

  1. 1954  Miriam Stevenson
  2. 1956  Carol Ann Laverne Morris
  3. 1960  Linda Jeanne Bement
  4. 1967  Sylvia Hitchcock
  5. 1980  Shawn Weatherly
  6. 1995  Chelsi Smith
  7. 1997  Brook Mahealani Lee
  8. 2012  Olivia Culpo

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