5 ways to rebuild trust in your relationship

Any happy relationship between two people is based on trust. It’s hard repairing a relationship when trust has been breached.

Couple fightingplayCouple fighting

Broken trust makes you more self-conscious, humiliated and less secure. There are ways to regain the trust of someone you once betrayed. Though it’s not easy, it’s worth trying.

1. Be consistent with your words and actions. Consistency breeds security, security brings trust.

2. People make mistakes, so learn to forgive.

Unhappy coupleplayUnhappy couple



3. No more secrets. People don’t understand that secrets are as dangerous as lies. Transparency and honesty brings trust.

4. Avoid punishing the offender. Trust is a tricky thing, which is why you should think clearly and avoid retaliating. Don’t do anything rash, time has a way of making everything alright.

Angry CoupleplayAngry Couple

5. Let your focus be on the positives of the relationship. Let go of the resentment, anger and frustration you feel and think of the reasons you want the relationship to continue.


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