For Single Ladies: Ways To Catch And Marry A Rich Man

Everyone wants security which is why men who are able to drop the bars get most of the girls they want and some extra lined up in their corner.

Happy coupleHappy couple

That’s not to say a woman who knows her worth will know that money doesn’t answer all.

Truth be told, most women would put a rich or a very financially stable man on their list of ‘husband material’ criteria.

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So how to find that rich man you wish to marry, someone who’ll sweep you off your feet with his wealth?


Relationship expert and author of ‘The Ring Formula’, Alduan Tartt, says your chances of finding a very rich man who earns couple of millions in a month is quite slim because most of them are older and married or in serious relationships.

A happy coupleplayA happy couple


He says there are two women can achieve this aim, either by being a gold digger or build yourself a rich man.

Watch the video below:


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