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If You Don’t Take Islam Seriously, Don’t Complain When This Happens to Your Country

If You Don’t Take Islam Seriously, Don’t Complain When This Happens to Your Country.  We either stop this now or kiss our free-world goodbye…

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  1. As 3000 jumped to their deaths you lead millions into massive fear feuled by hatred (hatred Satan’s favorite weapon) then as Muslims are packing & preparing to flee in fear of their lives you cheered, only to come back in 2015 welcoming them with open arms back into your lives (the states) your full of shit that the Muslims became compelled to help expose a lesson no American should ever forget & what lessons…that it was the so called buddies of the president of the united States that cheered @ the time of the attack but this was just business & business is why America was willing to overlook the true perpetrators framing Muslims for everything dear Americans these treacherous untrustworthy snakes are still among you jumping up & down for world war three ushering in more of your children’s blood being spilled you see satasns thirst is hard to quench & he feels he built you so when your blood is being requested he summons you &make no mistake about it you are being summoned ! This time were wide awake because we can never give 3000 lives back your on your own I will help you collect no more souls fuck you

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