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2024 And 2028 World Olympics: Paris And Los Angeles Set To Host The World!!

The Olympic Games are dependably an extraordinary example of preparation ahead of time. As Rio 2016 was shutting, we definitely realized that the 2020 Olympic games would be hosted by Tokyo, Japan and now, the hosts of the 2024 and 2028 Olympic games have been declared.

The 2024 and 2028 Olympic games will be coming back to Paris and Los Angeles. It has not yet been cleared up which of the hosts will be first at the bat yet officials for the International Olympics Committee will enter a negotiation procedure with bid leaders in order to end goal to finish up on the choice.

After that is done, the committee is then expected to gather in Lima, Peru in September to officially award both games. The Olympic games were held in Los Angeles in 1984 and 1932 and Paris hosted formerly in 1924 and way back in 1900.

The decision was actually expected after the IOC Evaluation Commission released a report last week that praise the Olympic bids of LA and Paris for their focus on sustainability and fiscal restraint.

Sustainability and fiscal restraint should be prized highly in the face of the current state of most of Rio’s Olympic venues. After Rio spent an estimated $12billion to set up the Olympic venues for Rio 2016, photos emerged that revealed just how much the scenic Olympic venues have fallen into disrepair and ruin.


2024 and 2028 Olympic games

The pictures had struck up a debate about the unwarranted financial strains that host cities undertake to host the games which end up having little value for their economies. After the Rio 2016 Olympic games, public employees in Rio saw their wages and pensions cut by 30 percent as the state grappled with the economic crisis that was generated from playing host.

It may be too late to insist upon financial restraint for Tokyo 2020 but the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games need to make sure of it. In LA, to minimize the financial risk, leaders plan to use temporary facilities and venues already in place and rather than constructing a new Olympic village for the athletes, the city also plans to house the participating athletes in UCLA dormitories.


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