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2018 Zimbabwe Election: ‘There’ll Be No Winner’: Chiwenga

On June 26, street preacher Apostle Thomas Chiwenga gave a prophecy in which he predicted that Zimbabwe’s Presidential Election would end deadlocked with no winner.

In the past, Prophet Thomas Chiwenga accurately predicted the fall of Robert Mugabe, the death of Morgan Tsvangirai and his replacement with Nelson Chamisa, who was then 38 and ineligible to run for President. Chiwenga said Chamisa would win elections in 2018, but later gave another prophecy saying “it’s not yet time”.



“You’re going to vote, go and vote but nothing will come out of this election. I saw the results. What’s happening is that there’s something that God is preparing for this country, but it’s not yet ready,” he said.


He gave the analogy of a milk containers which he said God was still washing, but were not yet ready to put the milk.

“He says for now you can go hungry while my containers are being prepared and when they’re clean, I will do what I have been planning,” he said.

“So no-one will win, but someone will claim the presidency anyway without winning. God will let it happen, not because that person is clever but because God is waiting for a certain moment to do certain things.”

He also spoke of two individuals, comparing them to thieves who have pulled off a heist but then fight over how to share their loot.


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