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2017 World’s Most Successful Football Coaches Revealed

Football players are paid in millions per year. They are not just paid the money to play. They are paid to act in commercials and to endorse brands. These guys make a lot of money. Like really huge amounts of money.

The money they get sometimes is the thing that decides their fate and their popularity. The game plan, improvement of player skills, style are all taken care by the coaches and mentors.

Coaches have a huge role to play in a team’s victory. The coaches of these teams are no less than players in popularity and fame. They too gather a lot of assets and wealth for the success they bring to the team.

10. Jorge Jesus

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One of the most famous coaches to ever coach soccer team is undoubtedly this man who has an amazing history even in the field of soccer as a player. He is currently the operating coach for the football club name the Benfica and is said to have received a compensation of about 5.5 million dollars. He is also quite popular for having guided this club to win 2 titles in Premier League. His estimated net worth exceeds 25 million dollars.

9. Manuel Pellegrino

One of the exceedingly famous football coaches to ever involve himself in the cluster management, he is working with the Manchester town for compensation of a whopping 5.75 million dollars. He is also played for Chile from the years 1973 to 1986. He was also fight popular as a cluster director of the Manchester town and before that had a very successful relationship with lot of clusters like the Real Madrid, San Lorenzo and Palestino which he coached through a lot of difficult times. His estimated net worth it to exceed 40 million dollars.

8. Jurgen Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp is one of the most interesting coaches, to ever feature soccer magazines. He is quite popular as the cluster manager of the Borussia Dortmund football club which he reportedly entered into with the compensation of 6 million dollars. He also help the Bundesliga cluster to win 2 titles. Is estimated net worth is reportedly beyond 28 million dollars.

7. Gerardo Martino

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Gerardo Martino requires no introduction as he is one of the most famous football coaches. Known for his extraordinary skills in mentoring this man has mentored the South American country National team for a very long time. He is currently helping out Barcelona achieve its goals with the compensation of 7.5 million dollars. What makes his career quite colourful is his continuous successful coaching of great teams like the Barcelona Football club, Argentina and also the South American country. He is said to have a net worth of 25 million dollars.

6. Arsene Wenger

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The extraordinary Guru of soccer has been a member of the Arsenal Football Club for quite a long time. Ever since the year 1996 when he first joined Arsenal he has been very supportive member of the team and is also considered to be one of the longest chief serving members for the group. He is also paid a whopping ten million dollars for is extraordinary coaching as a compensation. He is currently set to have the net worth of about 48 million dollars.

5. Carlo Ancelotti



Real Madrid would not be complete if not for the efforts of this great footballer. The extraordinary coach of Real Madrid has reportedly got a compensation salary of about 10.5 million dollars. He is also a very important part of the Italian National 11 which he has coached for a brief time from 1981 to 1991. He is said to have network of about 50 Million Dollars which makes and one of the richest soccer coaches in the world. He is one amongst the Top 10 Most Successful Football Coaches in The World 2017.

4. Fabio Capello


Fabio Capello needs no introduction as he is already quite famous for maintaining a lot of teams like Roma, Juventus, AC Milan and real captain of Spain. He is quite committed to the Russian national team and is one of the most important coaches of the same. He is said to be obtained with a compensation fee of about 13 million dollars. What makes it even more interesting is his estimated net worth which exceeds 70 million dollars.

3. Marcello Lippi

Extraordinary football coaching for the Metropolis Eve Grande which is said to have paid him a whopping amount of 14 million dollars as a compensation fee. Even at an age of about 66 years, this man has been quite young through his actions. He has coached numerous clubs of soccer, some of them even famous enough. He is said to have mentored Napoli, Milano and Juventus. The Italian National soccer cluster has also been a lot of pain due to his extraordinary effort in the 2006 tournament Association football. He said to have a net worth of about 30.2 million dollars.

2. Jose Mourinho

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Jose Mourinho is one name that will live forever in the list of best coaches of the soccer World. He is quite popular amongst the players of Chelsea as he has been coaching this expensive club for a long time. Before joining Chelsea in the year 2004 he has mentored Real Madrid as well as Milan. He is said to have an estimated net worth of about 60 million dollars making him one of the richest football coaches in the world.

1. Liveliness Guardiola

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Bayern Munich is one of the richest of all the football clubs in the world and with Liveliness Guardiola it has achieved a lot of titles. In the list of the richest football coaches, obviously this great man ranks first as has a compensation fee of 24 million dollars which makes him the highest paid coach of any football team. He is said to have an estimated net worth of about 42 million dollars..


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