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2017 GTI: These Are The Countries With The Most Terror Attacks- You Won’t The African Countries On List


The 2017 Global Terrorism Indexhas found that 22 per cent fewer terrorism deaths occurred in 2017 than at terrorism’s peak in 2014.

There was, however, an increase in attacks in developed countries, with a 67 per cent increase in attacks and a nearly 600 per cent increase in deaths – indicating a small number of attacks caused a very high number of casualties.

Deaths resulting from terrorism around the world decreased by 13 per cent to 25,673 people. 79 countries saw a decline in the impact of terrorism.

However, the index deteriorated overall, because the countries that deteriorated (such as Iraq, South Sudan, Turkey and Ethiopia), did so dramatically.

Iraq in particular saw 2,800 more deaths in 2016 than in 2015.

The overall score for each country is measured in four factors:

  • total number of terrorist incidents in a given year
  • total number of fatalities caused by terrorists in a given year
  • total number of injuries caused by terrorists in a given year
  • a measure of the total property damage from terrorist incidents in a given year


The countries impacted the most by terrorism tended to be located in African and Middle Eastern countries.





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