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2017 Fragile States Index: The Most Fragile African Countries Released



Numerous African nations are viewed as less steady because of their social, political, monetary and statistic helplessness.

The strength of African nations were featured in the most recent Fragile States Index discharged by United States Fund for Peace.

The record positions nations per their powerlessness to crumple in light of twelve key political, social and monetary markers utilizing the Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST) scientific approach.

The non-benefit look into found likewise recorded nations inside the Middle East among those with poor evaluations.

The report described the challenges faced by South Sudan alone as enormous with the country’s distorted political system and the attendant military and militant attacks. It is almost impossible that South Sudan will give up the top position in this ranking in a short time, the report said.

These economies all showcase a common characteristics; a relatively thin GDP with a small population and have once dealt with, or currently dealing with spats of violence (terrorism or war).

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Mauritius is followed by Seychelles, Botswana, Ghana, Cape Verde, Namibia, Sao Tome and Principe, South Africa, Gabon and Tunisia.


They rank 125th, 120th, 108th, 106th, 103rd, 97th, 96th, 91st and 89th in the world respectively.

Mozambique ranks 40th in the Most Fragile global list, having dropped 1.2 from last year and 12.1 from 2006, when it was ranked 80th less fragile state in the world.

Other neighboring countries rank as follows:  Tanzania (65th), Zambia 46th, Malawi 44th, Swaziland 42nd.

Angola is ranked 39th and Guinea Bissau 16th.

The most fragile country in Africa, according to the index, is South Sudan, followed by Somalia, Central African Republic, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Chad, Guinea, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.

178 countries were ranked based on the different pressures they face that impact their levels of fragility.

The most stable country on the global scale is Finland, ranked 178th, followed by Norway, Switzerland, Denmark and Ireland.

The Index uses cohesion, economic, political and social indicators such as: Security Apparatus; Fictionalized Elites: Group Grievance Economic Decline; Uneven Economic Development; Human Flight and Brain Drain; State Legitimacy; Public Services; Human Rights and Rule of Law; Demographic Pressures;Refugees and IDPs; and External Intervention.


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