2015: 15 Hottest NBA WAGs

Basketball players are hot. They are tall, strong, and successful and are known to have a good time. On the outside, professional athletes look like they have it all; money, fame, and extremely beautiful women on their arms. Basketball players are tall athletic men who have both talent and wealth, so naturally beautiful women surround them all the time. The following 15 women aren’t like other groupies; they are the actual girlfriends and wives of the players. Not only are these ladies dating or married to phenomenal athletes, they are also all smoking hot.

Everyone knows however, that being hot is not the only thing that makes these players fall in love with them. The following ladies are confident, independent and sweet women who have stood by their men through everything. It’s very hard dating a professional athlete, let alone being married to one, however the following ladies have been doing just that, with confidence to boot. Some of these gals have been with their man for a few months while others have known each other since college. Regardless of the amount of time they have been together, the following ladies have been strong enough to stay with their famous husbands.

Although many beautiful women have dated famous players, a lot of athlete relationships don’t last very long. The following women are all currently dating or married to players in the NBA. These are the 15 hottest NBA WAGs.

15. Savannah Brinson (Lebron James)

shutterstock_Savannah Brinson

Savannah Brinson married the love of her life LeBron James in 2013. The couple met in Ohio and have been together since high school. Brinson is a mother of 3 and looks better than most 22-year-olds! She found out she was pregnant in her senior year of high school, when James was just an NBA rookie. At prom she was five months pregnant and LeBron Jr. was born in 2004. They have since welcomed two more bundles of joy to their family. James popped the question in 2011 in front of his close friends and teammates. Although they haven’t been married for long, this couple has been together for much longer than some marriages.


14. Axelle Francine (Tony Parker)