Winter has finally arrived in Chicago. It’s getting very cold and we received our first dusting of snow last night. I love winter and I’m looking forward to the photographic opportunities it will afford. But it’s also fun to recall memories from seasons past. These pictures were taken six months ago when Monet was nine months old. At that time she loved walking around, but only when she had hands to support her. She was also at her peak percentage of baby fat (perhaps enough to survive an arctic winter). Now she runs around everywhere by herself and prefers not to be slowed down by parents who like to hold her hand. Much of her baby fat has melted away. It makes me wonder how distant the pictures I am taking today will feel in another six months or a year. My hope is that I will remember these special times spent together no matter how many seasons come and go.

These pictures were taken by Marilyn.

Some recent pictures from my friend Benjamin Postlewait prompted me to upload these shots. I was particularly moved by this shot, and the story behind it:

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