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20 Things to do in Africa Before you Die, number 12 and 19 are Unforgotable

20 things to do in Africa

Do you feel like you don’t know Africa and what its about? Believe me its not all doom and gloom  as portrayed by the media.

After going through this list you will want to go to Africa and try some or all of these things before you die. Make Africa top of your bucket list because if you haven’t been you have not lived. Go on, live a little.

1.Go on safari Safari

Safari is a “swahili” word meaning to go on a journey. Wildlife safari is one of the main reasons people visit Africa. The biggest attraction is the big 5 animals namely African lion, African elephant, buffalo, African leopard, and White/Black rhinoceros. The top 10 safari countries are Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe

safari tours to africa


2.Bungee jumping

At the Victoria falls and Bloukrans Bridge

A lady bungee jumbing in zambia


3.Relaxing and chilling at  the beach

You have a choice from these 25 beaches all over Africa

a beach with people relaxing

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4.See the archaeological wonders of Ancient Egypt

ancient Egypt archaeology

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5.Ostrich Riding

Very popular in South Africa

a guy riding an ostrich fast in south africa

6.Sky diving in the African Desserts

Namibia and Morocco offer the best experiences

a man and child landing a parachute in namibia africa

image from


7.Cruise the Nile

a cruise ship in the Nile egypt

8.Cruise the Zambezi at Sunset

The zambezi sunset cruise in zimbabwe and zambia, Africa

image from

9.Balloon ride in the Serengeti

people riding in balloon above kenya wildlife


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10.Helicopter Ride over the Victoria Falls

a Helicopter-Ride-Victoria

image from

11.Mountain trekking

The best places to go mountain trekking in Africa

mountain trekking in africa

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12.Swim with the White Sharks

Not really, you are caged first before diving with the white sharks in Capetown

A white shark close to cage people south africa

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13.Explore Ancient Egypt

ancient Egypt archaeology

image from

14.White Water Rafting Down the Zambezi

white water rafting in the zambezi, zambia, zimbabwe, south africa

image from

15.Explore the Marrakesh Market, Morocco

Marrakech market medina at night overhead

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16.Volunteer in Africa

a man holding leopard needing help

image from



17.Go on Culinary tour

a lodge with food prepared in south africa


18.Cycling Across Africa

a man motorcycling across africa

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19.Perch on Lion’s Head Above Cape town, South Africa

things to do in south africa

20.Snorkeling in Madagascar

a lady Snorkeling_in_madagasca

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