20 Important Qualities A Soul Mate Should Have

What qualities does a person need to posses to be called a soul mate? Sometimes identifying those unique qualities can be tough but when you eventually do, it becomes pretty easy to know that special someone who fits your description.

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It’s all about finding that person you want to wake up next to the rest of your life rather than looking for someone who is good for you right now.

Inspired by Your Tango, here’s a mental checklist of all you need to know when you meet your soul mate and if you see most of these qualities in one person …never let go:

1. They adore you.


2. They value your opinions

3. They are supportive of your passions and decisions.

4. They don’t hold grudges against you.

5. They are trustworthy

6. They are willing to compromise

7. They love you as much as they love themselves.

8. They make it easy to be around them

9. They add value to your life

10. They allow themselves to be vulnerable to you

11. They treat your family well.

12. They can do really silly things with you

13. They never make you feel bad about yourself

14. They bring out the best in you

15. They have a life of their own outside the one you both share

16. They are accountable for their mistakes.

17. They are dependable

18. They  are not afraid to call you out when you step out of line

19. They allow you to be yourself

20. They love all of you


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