2 Black Women Become the Youngest in California to Own Beauty-Supply Store

Sisters Kayla and Keona Davis are making inroads in a space often criticized for its lack of black purveyors.

One of the biggest complaints many people have when it comes to visiting their local beauty-supply store is that they’re typically owned by non-black people. But there’s one store in Moreno Valley, Calif., that’s changing the face of beauty-supply-store ownership.

Kayla Davis, 19, and Keonna Davis, 21, are sisters who are making hair and entrepreneurship history in California. They are now the youngest owners of a beauty-supply store.


KD Haircare Supply is located at 24453 Sunnymead Blvd. in Moreno Valley. The store is stocked with everything from natural-hair products to wigs and weaves, so there’s something available for all hair preferences.

To learn more about KD Haircare Supply, visit its website. On Wednesday, the Davis sisters will tell us exactly how they started their business.


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