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What Barrack Obama Carries In His Pocket Will Amaze You

Let us talk about the curret United States presdient Barrack Obama. His job as the most popular president in the planet must be very hard, as he must be dealing with public institutions around the United States, Asia, Europe, and other continents for further development and an inclusive global economy; as well as with private entities such as Coca Cola, Walmart, Accenture or McDonalds because of other special issues. But with all these things going on, you could realize something special about him: it is his respect and subscription to beliefs.
You might have watched over Fox, Reuters, CNN or any other news networks around the globe that Barrack Obama had exposed something trivial to us about how he handles his ‘luck’. Apparently, he finally clarified about this on his Youtube interview recently, as part of his general intention to show how his administration is going on, to a wider, younger audience.

Obama’s interview by purpose
The White House, in its initiative to get to know the president better, as well as to spread the State of the Union Address to a wider audience, featured Barrack Obama’s ‘other side’.

As the world’s most powerful president
He cannot deny of his bigtime stress and tiredness whenever national and global challenges come on his administration’s way.

In the Youtube interview, he shared the things that are very significant to him
All at once, he took off all the totems from his pocket and told in the video that this signifies the people he met. There is a handy Buddha statue gave by a monk, a rosary and cross straight from Pope Francis, and a Coptic cross originated from Ethiopia, among others. One of the most popular totems he had was the Hanuman statuette.


Hanuman statuette
In the world of Hinduism, Hanuman is a monkey god. Literature revealed that this religious character is the a reincarnation of Shiva (“The Prosperous One”), one of the three highest deities in the Hindu religion.

What Barrack does with the statuette
Sometimes, resorting to the Hanuman statuette makes him feel that he can combat the feeling of pressure, get along with his present challenges, and handle bulks of stresses.

Obama’s driving force
He always remembers that there are a lot of people who believed that he can help them overcome their own hardships in life. So, when Obama feels a bit discouraged or tired, he admits that he resorts to something ‘spiritual’.

Hanuman statuette and Obama’s belief
He clarified that he is not that superstitious or religious, but what would be the problem if he trust Hanuman, anyway? There are at least three million Hinduism practitioners in the USA. This revelation means so much to them, I hope.



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