REVEALED!: 175,000 Cheating South Africans May Be Exposed In Ashley Madison Hack


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  1. I love my husband dearly and I have been faithful the heavenly Father knows prior to marriage and throughout so I am not saying this merely because I’m a hypocrit. However, these people I feel are hateful and despicable to have the nerve to run around interfering in other people’s marriages/relationship’s & often times just because you feel that it’s your personal duty to expose a couple dosen’t mean it will result in them splitting up if at all or indefinitely you see these things can and have been known to have the tenancy to backfire with the couple becoming even more committed to saving what they have & turning all of their hatred around on you. Ahhh more in love with a little exposure of their own coming your way ! Learn to mind your own business please pray for couples allow your advice to be compassionate and sincere and reserved for those dearest to you but randomly of course not and primarily working to stay out of peoples lives as the bearer of bad news lest you share in their fate ….

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