Meet Nigeria’s Physician, Dr Lola Dare, The Founder and President of CHESTRAD International, United Kingdom


Dr. Lola Dare is a community physician, epidemiologist, social development consultant and global health advocate.


1980–85 College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

1990–91 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, MSc in epidemiology with statistics

1988–92 University College Hospital, Ibadan, fellow in community health and preventive medicine

1992–94 Harvard School of Public Health, David E Bell fellowship certificate, population and development

1993 Set up Chestrad, London

1999–2000 Harvard School of Public Health, Takemi fellowship certificate, international public health/international health

2006 Insead, certificate in advanced management

Dr. Dare founded the Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD), Nigeria in 1993, a non-governmental institution that adopts system focused approaches to enhance the situation/wellbeing of women and young persons poor resource settings and strengthen the delivery of health care and empowerment support to this target group at the district level in Nigeria. CHESTRAD has grown under her leadership into a reputable global non-state African led development agency, hosting country, continental and global initiatives including the African Council for Sustainable Health Development (ACOSHED) and the global network of non-state organizations in the economic south engaged in global health, Global Health South (GHS)

Dr. Dare has provided technical support to health and poverty development programmes at all operational levels of the health care system, promoting the application of evidence on for policy, programming and performance management. Dr. Dare is also involved in health policy research and systems development. She facilitates leadership and management programs and is social development consultant to regional and global organizations.


Dr. Dare’s main strengths are the ability to stay on, remain focused until stated goals and targets are achieved; even when under tension and in difficult environments. Her depth of technical skills and competence, a unique openness to learning and working in diverse organizational and cultural environments in addition to quick intellect and understanding of new opportunities and ideas are also areas of strength. Dr. Dare is a focused team player, able to work effectively in both leadership positions and as an adaptive yet ethical member of winning teams.

Dr. Lola Dare’s latest work is the sustainable development goals which provide a unique platform for Africa and her people to take charge of a future they must own.  She seeks to enable the power of community giving and shared value to plug the gap in Africa’s development financing. I Will Give engages all stake holders- from Individuals to Corporations- in rewriting the African Development narrative


Our mission is to disrupt conventional financing for social development through communnity giving and shared value

“We seek not only empower but also to unleash the latent capacities that I have come to respect exist in Africa, even in poor resource settings and among the vulnerable or socially excluded

— Dr. Lola Dare, President, CHESTRAD International

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