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Incredible Study: See What Happen to Your Body, After Rubbing Index Finger 60 Second

Thumb – the thumb is linked with the heart and lungs, thus when you experience palpitate, or shortness of breath, rub your thumb and pull the lead out.

Forefinger – perform this action for stomach issues and constipation.

Index finger – it is associated with colon and stomach, thus for constipation and diarrhea, rub your finger palm.


Middle finger – those who feel sick while travelling should tub their middle finger. Also, those who have poor sleep quality due to pericardium can do this move.

Sweet finger – people who have frequent migraines and muscle pain in the neck that appear due to the blood not flowing smoothly should rub their sweet finger.


Palms – they are connected with many nerves, so if you want to protect your physical health, then clap your hands.


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