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19 Craziest Roads In The World

Anyone who loves to drive yearns for a clear day and whatever open road they can find. Sure, all roads will work, but some roads are just meant to be driven. With jaw-dropping inclines, hairpin turns and the most incredible views, these roads will make you want to plan a road trip immediately.

1. Hana Highway; Maui, Hawaii

This highway has 620 curves, 59 bridges and spans 52 miles. An idyllic Hawaiian drive, it  takes you through rain forest, waterfalls, narrow bridges and hairpin turns. It takes two to four hours to complete, depending on how daring you are.

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via Go Hawaii

2. Great Ocean Road; Victoria, Australia

 Along Australia’s southeastern coast is 151 miles of winding, sea sprayed road. It starts in legendary surf spot Torquay and takes you to all the way to Warrnambool, Victoria.

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via The Lost Girls

3. Chesapeake Bay Bridge; Virginia, USA

This four lane, 20-mile long bridge-tunnel creates a unique driving experience providing the only direct link between Virginia’s Eastern Shore and south Hampton Roads, Virginia.

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via Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel
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4. Tianmen Winding Mountain Road; Hunan, China

This winding road has 99 turns over 6.8 miles and reaches heights of 1,300, above sea level.

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5. Stelvio Pass, Between South Tyrol and Sondrio provinces, Italy

Reaching an elevation of 9,045 ft above seal level, this road has 75 challenging turns. If you think it is hard to drive, consider that it is a major road for cycists in the Grand Tour.

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6. US Route 163 in Monument Valley, Utah

The road is 64 miles long, but the stretch through Monument Valley is straight, flat and perfect for driving.

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via reddit/u/soupyhands

7. Transfăgărășan,  Pitești to Arpașu de Jos, Romania

This road climbs to a maximum height of 2,034 m altitude and is dotted with long S curves, hairpin turns and steep descents. Most people average a speed of about 25mph down this road because of its difficulty. Top Gear BBC named it Best Road in 2012.

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via Our Tour
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via Our Tour

8. Lysebotnvegen Road;  Lysefjord to Sirdal, Norway

This road is only open for about 5 months of the year, and travels over the mountains of Rogaland and Vest Agder in Norway. This 18 miles road takes drivers on an incredible ride and includes 27 hairpin turns up a fjord wall.

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via Cycling Tips
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via GoNorway

9. Mountain pass at Dadès Gorges, High Atlas, Morocco

This road lies in between Atlas Mountains and Jbel Saghro.

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via flickr / snarl

10. Sani Pass, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

To drive this road you need a 4X4 and above average driving skills. You will not be allowed to drive up if the South African border guards deem your vehicle unsuitable.

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via flickr / hannes.steyn

11. Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route; Nagano Japan

This 23 mile road may seem ordinary in the summertime, but it is exceptional in the spring when it is literally caved out through the 59 ft snow walls. It has to close in the winter but once the thaw begins, GPS enabled plows carve the road to within a a quarter of an inch of precision.

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via flickr / maxunterwegs
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12. Col de Turini Pass, Moulinet, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France

This road is a famously difficult leg of the Monte Carlo Rally because of its tight road that combine long straight lines and 34 hairpin turns.

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via flickr / otorongo61
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via flickr / sureshkumawat

13. Furka Pass, Uri, Switzerland

Another road that is popular for cyclists as well as drivers, the Furka Pass hits a peak elevation of 7,969 ft in the Swiss Alps.

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via flickr / Ashkay Charegaonkar

14. Guoliang Road-Tunnel; Henan Province, China

This tunnel is carved through the side of a mountain in china. It was carved by a group of nearby villagers in 1972 after the government said they wouldn’t spend the money to do it.

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via LosApos
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via LosApos

15. Dark Hedges; Ballymoney, Ireland, United Kingdom

The Beech trees lining the road were planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century and have become heavily intertwined, creating an impressive illusion leading up to what is now a golf course.

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via Discover Northern Ireland
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via Discover Northern Ireland

16. Karakoram Highway; China/Pakistan

 It connects Tibet of China and Pakistan across the Karakoram mountain range and is the highest paved international road in the world at 15,395 ft.

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via flickr / bijapuri

17. Cape Whale Coastal Road; South Africa

This road starts runs along the Atlantic ocean, offering some of the best land based whale-watching opportunities in the world.

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via Fergus Murray Art Photography Writing

18. Going-to-the-Sun-Road; Glacier National Park, Montana

Completed in 1932, this 50 mile road is the only road that crosses Glacier National Park in Montana. Plowing this road is a huge challenge every year and many sections are shut down due to safety concerns throughout the year.

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via flickr / at38000feet
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via USGS

19. Halsema Highway; Philippines

This highway covers 59 miles and crosses eight municipalities along the way. At 7,400 ft above sea level, this is the highest highway in the Philippines.

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via flickr / wilson tom

BONUS ROAD – Do not ever drive this road!

Nicknamed ‘El Camino de la Muerte’ (The Death Road) by locals, this 40-mile one-way track in Bolivia was built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930 and is very very dangerous. It is estimated that 300 people are killed on this road annually.

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via Republic of Freedom
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