5 Things You Will Never Hear Men Say Out Loud

The human race is quite complicated and then life presents itself and things get even more complicated. One of the best ways to stay mentally healthy is to admit when we need help. For women, this isn’t an issue, for the most part but for men, we still need work.

So, for the sake of our mental health and wellness, we will reveal  five things that most men battle with:

I’m not great at sex: Most African men are required to have certain ‘horse’ parts and be porn star status in bed but the truth is there are so many men who are not so great in bed or maybe average but societal pressures won’t let them speak up.

I’m jealous of my guys: Yes, we only hear this among the women folk, that they get jealous of each other but the truth is we guys get jealous of each other too. We get jealous of our best friend’s G-wagon, Ikoyi apartment and so much more and it’s okay to be, really.


I can’t afford expensive stuff: You know that song ‘Expensive Shit’ by Wizkid; it doesn’t apply to some guys because they simply can’t afford those things. Unfortunately, in Africa we have a culture of equating being financially rich with being of value/important and that’s intimidating.

I haven’t reached my goals: Many men hope to be at a certain level, financially, marriage-wise, kids and all by the time they hit a certain age and then life happens and we aren’t there yet. It’s not a thing to be ashamed of, things can’t always go how we expect it to.

My wife dresses me: A lot of men have style, especially in recent time when menswear is experiencing this huge boost. However, there are still so many men who get styled by their wives or girlfriends or fiancee, for one reason or the other but they’d rather take the glory than admit it.

They are so many other things that men don’t like to admit about themselves but I think it all boils down to ego. If we can get rid of most of our ego as men, we will have a more mentally stablemen folk.


Written by PH

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