Revealed!!! Main Reason Why Women Give Out Their Numbers Though They Aren’t Interested In You

Humans are generally people pleasers which is why a lady rather than saying no to a guy’s request for her number would give it out.

Couple with phonesCouple with phones


Relationship expert Marie Dubuque says women give out numbers at first and then think of something later to say when you call.

When a woman uses words like ‘maybe’, ‘later’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘let me check my calendar’, then maybe she really isn’t interested in you.


If a lady really wants to step out on a date with you, she will either agree or if she’s occupied will make out another day that’s very convenient for both of you. Otherwise it’s advisable not to bug her too much or she may feel offended.

Watch this short video where Dubuque addresses this issue:






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